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No Elite Mobile, I don’t need another Cell Phone!


I have been a MTN subscriber for more than 10 years. I’ve had the same number on the network since I received my first cell phone (a NEC G9 with a pull-out aerial) in 2000. I have been through many phones (a whole lot of Nokia and Samsung phones). I’ve been on contract since 2003, its more convenient than buying prepaid vouchers. I’m happy with service at MTN (despite the odd dropped calls / SMS messages that don’t go through / drop in signal for data services – which hardly ever happens).

A few telemarketers have been phoning me over the last few years trying to sell me their contracts. One of them are Elite Mobile. At one stage they were phoning my 4 times a week. Each time I told them that I am not interested. The calls slowed down to once or twice a month. I started hanging up on operators. Some of them JUST don’t listen when you say “I am not interested”. I told them to take my cell number off their database because I have a contract phone and I DON’T need another one. I don’t give a rats ass if their contracts offer me cheaper call rates, cheaper SMS bundles or cheaper data services. I am happy with MTN. The calls stopped for at least 3-4 months, but today one of their agents phoned me again. Before they could spell out their stupid little Elite Mobile rhyme to me I told them that I was not interested and that they should take my number off their database. And I hung up the phone.

After getting that call today I decided that this was the LAST time that they’ve phoned me. I’ve had enough. I don’t know where they got my number from, but they should take it off their bloody database. I checked on hellopeter.com and Elite Mobile has 231 complaints against them. Seems, that I’m not the only one suffering from cold calling from Elite Mobile. If you have experienced the same thing than me, please comment on this post. You are also welcome to comment if you have an issue with cold calling in general.

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  1. Still getting calls from them.They wanted my sisters tell number , so when I asked why they said it was personal haha .I asked in what way is a cell phone contract so personal that me, HER SISTER, cant know about? He couldn’t answer.He also couldn’t tell me where they got my number from! Was not impressed! He called again twice that same day to offer me contracts, and i think when he heard it was me he put the phone down! WHO is selling these people our information??


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