Not My Dog on stage @ Oppikoppi 2011


After spending a little time on the Jose Cuervo deck at Oppikoppi Unknown Brother (on the Saturday night) I made my way to the Bruilof stage to catch Not My Dog’s performance. Hanu de Jong (of The Narrow fame) rejoined the band in the beginning of 2011. Their performance at Oppikoppi this year was loud and energetic. They had the crowd dancing and moshing in no time. I had flashbacks back to their performance in 2002 at the Oppikoppi festival at Fountains Valley in Pretoria. Many people consider Not My Dog’s performance at this year’s Oppikoppi festival as one of the highlights (and I tend to agree with them). I’m glad they’re back. It was the 3rd time this year that I saw them perform. I snapped this photo of Not My Dog on stage and it has been selected as the Daily Cool Photo on Running Wolf’s Rant for the 19th of August 2011.

Yesterday a photo featuring Jax Panik on stage @ Oppikoppi 2011 was the Daily Cool Photo on Running Wolf’s Rant, feel free to check it out. Watch this space for daily updates in the Daily Babe and Daily Cool Photo sections. You might also want to check out the posts featuring Movie Trailers, TV Adverts, Funny Clips, Funny Quotes, Funny Pictures and the other bits and pieces on the blog. There’s a lot of posts featuring South Africa here too. Check out the post categories on the top of this page, there’s quite a few of them. Feedback on posts is appreciated and welcome.


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