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Online Editors: Save your nerves and time


Nowadays, there is hardly a single person who has never taken an advantage of innovative technologies, and students are not an exception. Writing papers, blogs, doing homework, and creating various documentation require thorough correction. Editing before submitting gives students the confidence of flawless content for their academic assignments and personal blogs.

While some correct their pieces on their own and some prefer obtaining professional help, others decide on saving their nerves, time, and money and use online editors, which are now available to many for free. Now, we will talk about the latter.

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Online Editing & Proofreading Software vs. Online Professional Editing Services

No matter whether it is an essay, dissertation, or any other piece of paper, using a reliable online editor is a pretty good alternative that students can choose from an array of available offers. Editing written texts are all about eliminating grammar errors, misspellings, punctuation slips, style issues, and formatting flaws. This software usually offers fast editing and helps students to end up with an effective paper.

What students like most about this kind of online services are that using them is absolutely free of stress and requires minimum time and no or little money. Since students are likely to deal with nervous fatigue, face lots of financial issues, and always struggle with overload schedules, saving some money, time, and nerves is a great advantage for them. While some services require registration, many allow immediate editing what is a good news especially when every minute counts.

When it comes to quality, there is no surprise that professional services leave online editing software behind. But because of its fast, stress-free, and often cost-free editing, many students still prefer the latter. “Even though online editor services are not as accurate as those delivered by some professionals, they still can deal with the most common mistakes students can make when doing their academic assignments”, says Robby Watson, an editor at Pro-Papers.

Moreover, online editors influence students academic progress by engaging them in the editing process as well. Providing suggestions they activate students’ cognitive abilities, what one cannot say about editing services offered by professionals. Therefore, when it comes to educational benefits, stress, time, and money, online editors come into the picture.

Some Best Online Editors to Use

Most students simply cannot afford to obtain professional services: it usually costs them something in between $100 and $200 per hour to edit a paper. Therefore, they decide to save their money and use online editors.

There are separate services which perform up to 90 percent of the work an expert usually does but within a shorter span of time. Therefore, many online editors are an affordable and easy-to-use alternative to obtaining costly services provided by professionals. Below, there are some of the best, absolutely free of cost options one can choose from.

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Grammarly Proofreader

This online service has everything students may need to create an effective paper free of different types of mistakes. Except for showing grammar slips, this tool also provides a clear explanation for every mistake immediately. Moreover, it checks texts for plagiarism which is good news for those striving to write a flawless and unique piece.

Those using online word processors can benefit more from installing the Grammarly toolbar in their browsers rather than using the website. As soon as it is installed, it will keep checking for mistakes during the whole writing process.

Since academic assignments are not the only what needs to be written properly, this tool ensures that all posts on social media platforms and emails are free of errors as well. Even though this online service is available at no cost, there are some premium features users can buy additionally by upgrading their profiles.


This online editor comes in handy for those who write books, novels, and persuasive essays where readability is extremely important. Unlike many other online editors which are mainly focused on detecting grammar issues, this tool aims at making the writing clearer while still checking it for mistakes.

To improve the readability of the uploaded text, it helps to avoid unnecessary adverbs, passive voice constructions, and overloaded sentences. Unlike the above-mentioned tool, this one doesn’t provide any suggestions. It only indicates problematic units that require editing.

Students shouldn’t put too high hopes on this tool as it will not make their academic papers perfect; however, it will definitely make them stronger and thus is worth their attention. Since there is no browser extension, like we have in the case of Grammarly, users always have to copy and paste their content into an online editor which, by the way, have a user-friendly interface, is absolutely free of charge, and requires no registration.


This online editor is among the simplest tools available on the Web today. What it does is simply detects grammar mistakes, no more. There are no advanced features as many online editors have, this service is all about pithiness. However, it is a pretty good choice for those learning foreign languages, as it allows checking texts written in six more languages.


This web-based editor is very fun to use. Students can greatly benefit from these service as it always gives rates. So, except for detecting mistakes and giving suggestions, it allows keeping track of the users’ progress. Thus, with it, students can watch whether their writing skills get improved or not.

Even though the two latter tools are the simplest ones, they have their admirers. Of course, there are many factors to consider when choosing one tool or another. Moreover, there is no need to be limited to a single service, students can take advantage of several tools simultaneously to make their academic assignments shine with minimum effort and in no time.

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