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Online Revolution Infographic


I found this Online Revolution Infographic on The Meta Picture Earlier tonight. It’s amazing how the internet has changed the world over the last 12 years – this Infographic points it out. It was originally posted on the Best Communications Degrees website.

I’m on Facebook at least 8 hours a weekday (mostly for work), I send out at least 20 tweets a day on my personal account on Twitter alone, I check in Foursquare at least 4 times a week (depending on how much I move around), I watch at least 10 YouTube videos daily and I upload at least 3 YouTube videos monthly, I write at least 40 blog posts a month (on multiple blogs), I pin at least 20 things a week on Pinterest and I post at least 10 photos a week on Instagram. Some might say that I’m a Social Media junkie, but if this is not embracing the digital age, then I dunno what the term really means. The fact remains: my life would pretty much suck without the Internet.

More and more people are using the internet globally. To be exact, the amount of global internet users increased by 566% from 2000 to 2012. There are currently over 1 billion people on Facebook, over 400 million people on Twitter and close to 100 million people using Instagram. About 72 hours of video is also being uploaded on YouTube every minute. And this is not all, I could keep on putting out facts all night, I’m just scratching the surface. Fact is: The Internet has changed the world. None of this technology was around before 1995. If you still don’t believe me check out the Online Revolution Infographic below.

There you have it. This Online Revolution Infographic is proof that the Internet has Changed The World. I told you that I only scratched the surface. If you’ve found this information fascinating, feel free to share this post with your friends. Sharing is caring after all.

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