6 Online Space Adventure Games That Are Great For Kids

According to Statista Research, the number of mobile gamers is expected to increase to 2.7 billion by the year 2021. Similarly, another study by Dot Com Infoway discovered that the gaming market worldwide was $152 billion in 2019, 51 percent of that coming from mobile games.

This means that, like other industries, the gaming industry is thriving worldwide due to the proliferation of smartphones. This is because smartphones offer ease-of-access and convenience to kids while playing games. Apart from this, the extended lockdown due to COVID-19 has encouraged kids to spend most of their time playing games and exploring new genres of games, including space adventure ones.

So, if you like stargazing, or exploring faraway planets, then space adventure games can turn out to be your best friends. Not sure which space games are full of wonders and space secrets? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here is a list of some of the best space adventure games available online that are an absolute delight for kids:

1. Space Kidnappers

We have often watched space movies where the hero saves the world from the aliens and becomes the apple of everyone’s eyes. If you want to be like that hero and find out how it feels like saving the world, then Space Kidnappers should be your go-to game.

Space Kidnappers - Online Space Adventure Games

The primary goal of the players in this game is to save the citizens from being kidnapped. Besides this, the players are required to destroy the alien ships that are trying to capture the different places in the city.

Not sure where to find the game, Space Kidnappers?  For a wide variety of space adventure games, like this one, you can simply visit the online games websites, like the Unlimited Gamez MO.

2. Stellaris

If you want to explore the different species available on the planets, then Stellaris is the perfect space adventure game for you. This is because this game involves sending your science ship to neighboring stars in search of new civilizations.

Stellaris - Online Space Adventure Games

Besides this, the mysterious nature of this game makes it more exciting for the players. This is because as you explore new planets, you can utilize the available resources there to fund your empire’s expansion. Therefore, such games are not only a source of entertainment for kids but can also help them improve their strategy devising skills.

If you are still wondering how to make your kids aware of the different planets and galaxies available, introduce them to games like Stellaris.

3. FTL: Faster than Light

One of the best space adventure games is none other than the famous FTL: Faster than Light. This is a space-based strategy game that keeps its players hooked until the end due to the ever-changing game scenarios. Each time a new game is started, the places, encounters, and enemies will be different, making the overall experience more exciting.

Faster than Light - Online Space Adventure Games

Besides this, one of the most enticing parts of this game is the battle time, where you have to prove your mettle by fighting your enemies. One of the tips that can help win a battle is by powering up your weapons as soon as the battle begins.

4. Space Rocket – Star World

Another such game in our category is none other than Space Rocket – Star World. This game involves the players exploring magic planets, decorating their own planet with different types of rock and other space objects. So, if you’re an explorer for creativity, you should definitely give this game a try.

Space Rocket - Star World - Online Space Adventure Game

The great thing about this game is that it is an easy one to play, and its beautiful visuals give you a realistic feel of the universe. Apart from this, games, such as Space Rocket – Star World, provide kids with a safe outlet for their creativity and enhance their cognitive and problem-solving skills.

5. Space Controller

By now, we know that online gaming continues to develop with more and more sophisticated design features and technical innovation. Therefore, if you want your kids to enjoy their free time, you can introduce them to advance space adventure games, like Space Controller.

This game is quite popular among kids of today and involves commanding space ships towards their destination. Kids who often play this game tend to develop effective leadership and decision-making skills due to the game’s nature.

6. Kerbal Space Program

According to a study, 75 percent of Americans have at least one video gamer in their household. This is because playing video games is a great entertainment source, especially when talking about space adventure ones.

Kerbal Space Program - Online Space Adventure Games

Last but not least, we have the Kerbal Space Program on our list. This game involves building rockets and sending tiny green men into space. The interesting thing about this game is that new mission types and ship parts are added every now and then, making the game more fascinating and intriguing for the players.

If you are looking to play a space adventure game that offers robust stimulation, and satisfying design tools, then look no further. Kerbal Space Program should be your go-to choice.

The Bottom Line

The final takeaway is that a well-designed space adventure game can serve as a great entertainment source and help your kids develop their skills, including time management and cognitive abilities. This, in turn, will benefit them in their academic and professional lives and help in standing out from the crowd.

Therefore, instead of wasting time in threatening video games that are full of violence, kids can benefit by playing the above-mentioned, exciting space adventure games. Such games would not only help them kill time but will also provide useful information regarding space and faraway planets.

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