Oppikoppi 24 Nomakanjani: 24 great acts you shouldn’t miss

In case you forgot, Oppikoppi 24 Nomakanjani is happening from the 9th to the 11th of August 2018. I was feeling helpful, so I decided to write a little something for all the folks who are not sure who to watch at this year’s festival…

Here are 24 great acts you shouldn’t miss at Oppikoppi 24 Nomakanjani:

Akkedis: The brothers Dennis will be returning to the dusty farm near Northam and if you love South Africa or if you’re a fan of poetic Afrikaans music, you should not miss their set. Brace yourself for something lekker, vibey and entertaining.

Akkedis - Oppikoppi 24 Nomakanjani

Bad Peter: This Pretoria-based acoustic duo has never disappointed me with a live set. If you like acoustic and vibey tunes with catchy (yet intelligent) lyrics, don’t miss their set. They’ll have you singing along and tapping your dusty feet in no time.

Bad Peter - Oppikoppi 24 Nomakanjani.jpg

Bam Bam BrownThis self-proclaimed genre-less artist from Cape Town has stunned audiences in Pretoria and Cape Town and will blow you away at Oppikoppi 24 Nomakanjani.

Bam Bam Brown - Oppikoppi 24 Nomakanjani

Bed On Bricks: They’ve been have been around since 2003. They burst back onto the scene when they opened for Crash Test Dummies in February. Make sure that you don’t miss these SA Music Legends at Oppikoppi 24 Nomakanjani.

Bed on Bricks - Oppikoppi 24 Nomakanjani

Brynn: This Cape Town act will be playing at their very first Oppikoppi this year. They opened for Incubus in February in Cape Town. I have not seem them live yet, but word has it that they’re one of the best live acts in the country.

Brynn - Oppikoppi 24 Nomakanjani

Cockles: They’re definitely one of the freshest SA acts to burst onto the scene in 2018. The band is the brainchild of Alastair Thomas (from Shortstraw), so you sommer know their set is going to be a good one.

Cockles - Oppikoppi 24 Nomakanjani

Crimson House: This Cape Town based Gypsey Jazz / Funk / Blues act is a must-see. Ask anyone who has seen them live and they’ll tell you that this band will get you to bounce up and down in no time.

Crimson House

Fokofpolisiekar: An Oppikoppi festival without this band on the line-up feels incomplete. It’s going to be great to watch “die bende” making their return to the dusty farm for the first time in 2 years at this year’s festival.


Frame Janko: This Johannesburg-based rock band burst onto the scene early in 2018 and are of the most promising acts in South Africa. Don’t miss them.

Frame Janko

Grassy Spark: The Cape Town kings of Ska / Funk are going to be entertain you to the max. Make sure that you don’t miss them and please remember to put on your dancing shoes before their set – you’ll definitely be needing them.

Grassy Spark

Hellcats: Yes, I know that it’s the third time that these Johannesburg rockers will be playing at Oppikoppi, but a little bird told me that these cool cats have something sexy (or possibly devilish) up their sleeves… Needless to say, you shouldn’t be missing their set if you’re a rock fan – that’s just bad manners…


Retro Dizzy: They are definitely one of the coolest acts from Cape Town and you should not miss their set. Warning: You may feel the urge to become either a sea boat captain or a pirate when you watch them – you have been warned.

Retro Dizzy
Photo by Joshua Rijneke

Ruby Gill: Want to be transported to a peaceful place in your mind? Don’t miss this songstress (who hails from Pietermaritzburg). Ruby is coming all the way from Melbourne, Australia to entertain you all.

Ruby Gill at Oppikoppi

Satanic Dagga Orgy: The undercover boytjies from the Freedom Front Plus are back this year and you shouldn’t be missing their fun, vibey and speedo-filled set. Expect blow-up dolls, dildos and gripping guitar solos. Maybe they’ll throw in some tutus as well? Who knows? Just make sure that you find out what they get up to because you won’t be disappointed.

Satanic Dagga Orgy

Son of Hawk: This rock band which was formed in Jeffrey’s Bay in 2017 will be playing at their first Oppikoppi festival. This band is the brainchild of Heine van der Walt (Boargazm), Ashley Hilton Jacobs and Nathan Combrinck.

Son of Hawk

Southern Wild: This Cape Town based band have come a long way since I watched their first performance at Up The Creek Festival in 2015. Three years on and they’ve played at almost every festival in the country and were selected as one of the opening acts for Incubus. Prepare yourself to be amazed by one of SA’s best live acts.

Southern Wild

Spoegwolf: This legendary Afrikaans act has been around since 2008 and they will mesmerize you and transport your being to far off places. Prepare yourself to be amazed by their amazing live set.


Stoker: It has been a while since I’ve seen this kick-ass Cape Town rock band live and if you’re a fan of hard rock, you should really check them out. Their set is always energetic and they will help you to get your headbanging fix for the weekend.


Stone Jets: This Cape Town act has been making waves in the scene in 2018. They recently released a chilled out and lyrically-brilliant album. If you’re keen to let them take you on a musical journey, don’t miss them.

Stone Jets
Photo by Laura McCullagh

The Barbosa Experience: They are one of the hardest working bands in Gauteng and you should start relaxing those vocal chords so you can sing along to their songs. Expect something energetic with a dash of poetry and catchy lyrics.

The Barbosa Experience

The Black Cat Bones: This band needs no introduction and many of you reading this article know what to expect during their set. If you haven’t seen them live yet, mark them as the band that will give your second headbanging fix for the weekend.

The Black Cat Bones - Turn of the Century

Van Pletzen: These boytjies played their first show ever at last year’s edition of Oppikoppi festival and they’ve gained quite a following during the course of 2018. Prepare yourself to bounce and dance to their unique parodical tunes. It’s definitely going to be a Kak Lekker vibe.

Van Pletzen - Zaberfluten

Werner BekkerI recently discovered this brilliant solo artist and I’m really looking forward to his set at Oppikoppi 24 Nomakanjani. I’m predicting lyrical brilliance that will transport your mind to a distance place.

Werner Bekker
Photo by Greyline Photography

WonderboomThese SA rock veterans are most-likely bringing their A-game and you should already be polishing your dancing shoes for their set. Mark my words.


Well, there you have it, 24 acts you should not miss at Oppikoppi 24 Nomakanjani. I hope that this article has made it easier for you to decide who you are going to watch perform at this year’s festival.

If you’re curious about the history of the festival, check out these interesting facts about Oppikoppi festival. If you’re an Oppikoppi virgin, make sure that read these festival survival tips before you start packing the car. If you want to plan you festival, download the full line-up and schedule here.

If you haven’t bought your tickets, get your tickets here.

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