Oppikoppi Afterview: Not My Dog

I spoke to Hanu de Jong from the band Not My Dog the other day.  Here’s what he had to say:

How many Oppikoppi’s have YOU been to? And as a band?

I’ve been to about 20 if you include the April fests and the “trek” to Worcester in 2000. I have been booked for Koppi’s from August 1999.

What stood out at Koppi 2011 for you?

This year felt very open and roomy… I think it had something to do with Oom Boors and his staff clearing out some veld. More space to pitch tents and park out of the road. I love open spaces.

Who, aside from yourself of course, was your favourite act at this year’s Oppikoppi?

The Dead Will Tell and Fuzigish was awesome. But there were some great electro acts also… Can’t remember the names.

How are things going for Not My Dog? Any new vids/albums that we should know about?

After being robbed at gunpoint of 3 cars, all our footage, lights and hundred of thousands of Rands worth of camera gear while shooting our last video… we are a little over videos. But we’re working on some animation ideas for the next vid. We want to push the album as hard as we can for the moment.

Are we going to be seeing Not My Dog or The Narrow at Oppikoppi next year?

Good question. This is up to Oppikoppi… they do the inviting.

What’s the number 1 tip / words of wisdom you have for young bands in SA about “making it”?

There is no such thing as “making it”. Only good songs.

Share one random freaky-fact about a band member. You don’t have to say which member you’re talking about…

Neah… I got nothing. What happens on tour stays on tour.

Lastly, upcoming gigs in the next few weeks?

Well, I’m gigging with my new Kiwi band, Fire At Will, in and around Auckland at the moment but I’ll be back over December hopefully doing some shows with NMD and Narrow.

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Thanks Hanu for your time! Appreciate it…
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