Oppikoppi Described in Three Words (Sourced from Social Media)

A while ago I went on a mission on my Facebook and Twitter profiles and asked people to “Describe Oppikoppi in three words”. The response was bigger than I expected. I want to thank everyone who participated from the bottom of my music and music festival loving heart.

Oppikoppi 2013 Bewilderbeast is only 5 weeks away and I could definitely sense excitement in many of the responses that I received. I wanted to make a cool video clip with all of these but I just have not had time to do so – maybe I’ll do that before next year’s festival

Oppikoppi Described in Three Words (Sourced from Social Media) 1

Responses to “Describe Oppikoppi in three words” on Facebook:

  • “I can’t remember” Mostert Francois
  • “Epic dusty jol” Liesl De Bruin
  • “3 woorde….? Bitches Moet Weet” Chanel van den Bergh
  • “Fuck my life (in a positive way naturally)” Ryan Brunyee
  • “Never Any Regrets” Ivan Kruger
  • “Rock and Roll” Johan Ferguson
  • “Drunken dusty orgy !!!!!” Johan Ferguson
  • “Sweet Dust Fest!” Stephen Stifler Mogapi
  • “Proudly South African” Stephen Stifler Mogapi
  • “By ‘n Koppi” Doktrine Du Spookwolf
  • “Way of life” Chantelle Breedt
  • “Gaan NOU Braai!!” Tinky Willemse
  •  “Bietjie dag dronk.” Claire-ha Reston
  • “Proe soos NOG!” Claire-ha Reston
  • “Rof. Grof. Stof.” Jaco Van Staden
  • “Dust Party Dust” Brandon Shore
  • “One Hellova Thing.” Stash Collinge
  • ” Bliksem dis lekker” Kelsey Louise Bezuidenhout
  • “Rof en onbeskof!” Odette Meyer
  • “Epic Dusty Mayhem” Colette Carr
  • “Voet lek lekker.” Jacques Victor
  • “Iemand Toiletpapier onthou?” Conrad Jamneck
  • “Per-fokken-epic!” Andre Duister
  • “The perfect escape.” Dee Theart
  • “So Damn Dirty” CJ De Chermont
  • “Die Fokken Beste” Carl Barnard
  • “Epicness is Calling” Levy Mphako
  • “Baie Fokken Stowwerig”  Hugo Pat Kleinhans
  • “Oppikoppi Fokken Koppi” Willem Van Der Schyf
  • “Werk vir My” Stephan Terblanche
  • “Debaucherously fun amazingness!!!” Chanelle Grobler
  • “Rof! Stof! en Onbeskof! ” Janie De Swardt
  • “Wild Wild West” Vanessa E. Smeets
  • “Greatest African Festival” Chris ‘Danger’ Van Der Walt
  • “Ek is dronk” Margarita Karvounaris
  • “Absolute Fuckin’ Mayhem” Mike Pocock
  • “Fun, Fokken, Tasties” Rosie Rosebella Pretorius
  • “Dust or Bust” Dirk Koekemoer
  • “Way Too Crowded” Floris Groenewald
  • “Shake Your Midget” Wicus Roux-Kriel
  • “It’s Another Planet” Sydney Holmes Daniel
  • “Fokken Time Travel” Jacques Louw
  • “Shake and bake” Waldo Bergh
  • “Lekker Harde Werk” Chris Kreef
  • “Battered Bruised Drunk” Ed England
  • “Proe Soos Nog” Prinses Greta
  • “Op Die Koppie…. says it all” Dave Ferguson
  • “Spartel Jou Kwartel” Christo ‘Knuckles’ Botha
  • “Magnificent Magic Dust” John Anderson
  • “United Nihilistic Hedonism” Riaan Niezen
  • “Loudness. Drunkness. Cough.” Janus De Villiers
  • “Dusty Drunken Happiness” Mia Snyman
  • “Stof Dof Rof” Stephan Griesel
  • “Dronk Bosveld Partytjie” Francois Viljoen
  • “Rave Cave Epicness” Dewald ‘Deeg’ Oberholster
  • “Dust We Trust” Marthin Otter Otto
  • “Young Wild and Free” Tanya Geldenhuys
  • “People. Music. Tequila.” Lise Ferreira
  • “Dirty Epic Drunkeness” Michelle C Botha
  • “Dusty Extraordinary Chaos” Bryan Bosman

Responses to “Describe Oppikoppi in three words” on Twitter: 

  • “Yearly Prodigious Pilgrimage” Monique Olivier
  • “Weke Siek Daarna” Alter Ego Ron
  • “Bier vir Breakfast” Alter Ego Ron
  • “Holy Fokken Shit” Alter Ego Ron
  • “My jaarlike diensplig” Alter Ego Ron
  • “What just happened” Regardt Strauss
  • “Dirty Sexy Rock ‘n Roll.” Kobus Van Rooyen
  • “Soos Vuil Sex” Adrian Kirsten
  • “Freedom. Music. Memories” Baas De Beer
  • “Dirty Music Euphoria” Ed England
  • “Wetwipes. Booze. Couches” Rona Grobbelaar
  • “T-horny Dusty Drinking” Rona Grobbelaar
  • “Accept the Unexpected” Conrad Jamneck
  • “M D M A – Four words right?” Gareth Wilson
  • “Goeie Fokken Moer” Stefan Dixon
  • “Strawwe Stof Partytjie” Christelle Duvenage
  • “Rock. And. Roll.” Menzi Hlongwa
  • “Bath. Then. Shower. (When you get home after it)” Dawn

There you go. I trust that some of these descriptions of Oppikoppi in three words made you laugh. If you want to add your own, feel free to comment on this post. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

Remember: Oppikoppi 2013 Bewilderbeast is going to be huge, so try not to miss out on it. Tickets cost R650 via the Standard Bank Youth Portal or R800 if bought directly via the Oppikoppi Festival Facebook page. Remember that you can also follow @oppikoppifest via Twitter for updates about the festival.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music, Opinion and Technology categories on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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