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Otterlake Easter Festival: Totally worth my bronchitis


Let’s start with a big thank you to Running Wolf’s Rant for them tickets! After I got notified that I won, it seemed like forever for the long weekend to come. Eventually when Thursday came knocking I was bombarded, or no wait- RAPED with tweets from @phoenixMuso, @LizzyLuvify, and @DapperTrapper. Not even to mention the Whatsapp group @Vodkowski was so kind to start. Sweet Jesus, for I moment there I almost knew what it felt like to be loved and to have friends. (Glad THAT’S over!)

The plan was set and we were all ready to go. Plan being finish work, stop at @DapperTrapper, fetch @phoenixMuso, get my shit, hit the road and crack a cold one or 12! Hein was called into a last minute meeting. Little old me had time for an unsatisfactory amount of beers with my bests Polony and a few other friends. After that, our trusted designated Dave had still not arrived which only meant Kobus, Polony and I HAD to have a few more drinks at my house.

When 22:00 o clock came we were finally in the car and ready to go. Setting up camp was not top priority when we arrived so instead, we all got completely shitfaced and danced well into early morning hours! Tired and well-oiled we got the tent up at 4 AM.

Friday morning we were greeted with new friendly and some really hung-over faces. The party started fairly early again and soon enough we were entertained with some familiar and not so familiar artists. I was pretty in love with Shotgun Tori; I haven’t really listed to her music before but just seeing that pretty little girl with that amazing voice entertain the crowd with absolute passion was pretty amazing.

Another band which was pretty awesome as well as new to me; Crystal Park. Fuck me. I love it. Give it a listen if you don’t know them. That’s all.
Jack Hammer did not disappoint. Tidal Waves had the crowd jamming and bonging out. Slashdogs were super, but nothing I’ve seen this whole weekend beats Bittereinder. I love them, each time they perform is like watching them for the first time. I literally jump and danced till my ankles couldn’t anymore. Yeah there was one or two oopses where the power failed, but that is only because Otterlake couldn’t even handle die Dink-Dans Masjien!

On Saturday Janice & The halfjacks got the party going with a fucking energetic all girl band following them… As douchy as this might sound then, I heard the name “Saarkie” for the first time I had my mind made up fairly quick and easy not to give them a listen. That was till Saturday. Fuck me! Not only are those girls bouncing with energy on, and off stage but they had me going like I was one of their biggest fans. It was like watching Runaways: you expect an all-girl band to be kind off gay and sucky, till you start listening and only then do you realise after how many years Joan Jett is still rocking. I had the same feeling with Saarkie. Well done, you made a believer out of me.

Throughout the day we were entertained by a variety of bands, all making their mark on this festival. The Easter Fire was amazing. The only thing that could have made that even better was if it was a giant bunny made of wood. Something to look into for next year guys. Nudge nudge, wink wink!
Unfortunately I missed Black Cat Bones and Cortina Whiplash, I could however hear them comfortably from my warm and cosy tent. They rocked.

Sunday brought the end of an amazing festival and great party. Regrettably I didn’t stay the whole day, my body could only take so much. There was so many wonderful things from that weekend, I especially loved a certain lil’ old lady and her husband who were by far THE most raddest people there rocking and rolling in their old days with their super sense of stylishness! Teach me. The facilities, service and overall vibe of Otterlake was undoubtedly pleasant and I for one will definitely be checking in again next year! Thanks to each and every new and old friend that made my weekend awesome! Keep on rocking!

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