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Ozzy Osbourne Answers a Question About Justin Bieber


Ozzy Osbourne doesn’t seem to know who Justin Bieber is… Well. Ozzy, Justin Bieber has been the irritating zit on most realistic music loving people asses for the last few years now. The Canadian pop singer even had the nerve to say something about being the Kurt Cobain of his generation last year.

This morning one of my friends on Facebook pointed out that there are still real people in world with common sense. And this one is turning 63 tomorrow. Ozzy Osbourne has been in the music business for longer than I have been alive.

He formed the English Heavy Metal Band Black Sabbath back in 1969. Their song Paranoid is actually the current ringtone on my Nokia N8 cell phone. The song was released in 1970 and still remains epic to this day. I bet that 40 years from now people will definitely have “Baby Baby” on their cell phone / modern inter-ear cell phone inplant ringtones. Today’s Pop Music just doesn’t have that kind of artistic value.

Since it’s Friday today, and it’s Ozzy Osbourne’s birthday tomorrow and because I despise Justin Bieber with every single bone, muscle in my body I thought I’d post this clip on Running Wolf’s Rant today.

About a year ago Mark Hoppus (of Blink 182 fame) asked Ozzy Osbourne a question about Justin Bieber on the Fuse TV…

This is what Ozzy Osbourne had to say:

If you love rock ‘n roll your response to this video probably made you laugh your arse off and triggered a response like “Fuck Yeah!”. Well, that was my response too.

Take note MTV and the Madison Avenue created spawn that is Commercial Radio Stations out there: There are people who don’t know who Justin Bieber is, and who don’t give a shit (like Ozzy Osbourne).

Watch this space for regular updates in the Humor category on Running Wolf’s Rant.


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