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Park Acoustics: An Interview with Jacques Moolman from Shadowclub


Shadowclub are one of the acts who will be jamming at Park Acoustics this coming weekend in Pretoria.

I recently had a chat to Jacques Moolman (the lead vocalist and guitarist of Shadowclub) about Park Acoustics and a few other things. This is what he had to say

Your released “Big Green Mamba Dream” last year and I thoroughly enjoy that album. Can we expect more music like this from you in the future?

Absolutely! We’ve all been pretty busy in our own capacities with our personal lives this year but 2020 will certainly see the release of new Shadowclub material.

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What is the funniest thing that you’ve guys have experienced on stage?

We played at Live the venue when it was still going a few years ago and we’d always have people stage diving there in its heydays but the crowds grew smaller before it closed down.

I remember this poor kid jumping up on stage during “Good Morning Killer”, as was customary, and just after blurting a few indistinct syllables at the front row he decided to make the leap.

The front row of the audience immediately decided they weren’t having any of it and dispersed just as he was airborne. Any one who knew that venue will know that the stage was pretty high up and that kid probably survived but only by a huge stroke of luck!

Who would win a celebrity deathmatch between Taylor Switt and Katy Perry and why?

Katy Perry. She looks wild.

Shadowclub band
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How has the SA Music scene changed since your first album release in 2011?

I guess so many of the venues that we used to play at aren’t around anymore, but a whole lot of new spots have opened. There are also just so many more incredible young bands on the scene that are just proving how incredible the talent is in this country!

What can we expect from you at Park Acoustics this weekend?

We’ve learned to really hone our energy on stage and we’re at a place where we’re incredibly comfortable with each other and with the music we make together. Expect Shadowclub at its best!

I would like to thank Jacques Moolman and Shadowclub for this interview and I wish them all of the best with their set this weekend and their future musical endeavors.

If you don’t have tickets for this weekend’s Park Acoustics yet, get yours HERE.

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