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Park Acoustics: An Interview with Josh Riley from Grassy Spark


Grassy Spark are one of the acts who will be jamming at Park Acoustics in Pretoria this coming weekend. I recently had a chat to Josh Riley (the lead vocalist of the band). This is what he had to say…

What have you guys been up to lately?

Writing new music, managing construction sites, raising a baby, launching Yoco campaigns, becoming the world’s greatest animator, walking Micro, and other stuff.

What is your favourite song to jam out to while you guys are on tour?

At the moment its “DntTakeMe4aPoes” by Die Antwoord

What is the weirdest experience Grassy Spark has ever had on stage?

That one time Rence stopped mid song to shout at a brah who was behaving like a misogynist ape to the girls in the crowd. More unexpected than weird. We back him.

Grassy Spark
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Photo by Tasmin Weir

What are your thoughts about the state of live music shows in South Africa?

The live music scene in the country has taken quite a knock in the last few years. A lot of the best venues have closed down, festivals have died, Oppikoppi is missing a year.

People seem to be more interesting in listening to a DJ play songs that they know than going to see a show that has been curated and is playing out live in front of their eyes.

This also has created a downward spiral as less opportunities mean less bands stay committed to their journey’s and things just deteriorate.

There has been a big shift but things always change. We still play great shows they are just further apart nowadays and we often have to do everything to set up the show: plan it, book the acts, strike a deal with the venue, bring in the sound, market the show, run the door.

These things used to get done by promoters but as it has become harder and harder to make a profit off of a live show, most of the promoters have given up. That’s why we love Henk and Park Acoustics, because they believe in live music like we do and they won’t let the scene die which is exactly how we feel.

When we grew up we used to watch amazing live shows every weekend and that inspired us. We need to push on in these dark times in the hope that we can aspire the next generation of live musicians, in the hope that they will succeed and keep the tradition of live musical performance going.

Grassy Spark
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Photo by Tasmin Weir

What can we expect from Grassy Spark at Park Acoustics this weekend?

Actually, we have a moerse surprise in the works. Ous need to koppel tix. Not to be missed!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Josh and Grassy Spark for this interview and I wish them all of the best with their set at Park Acoustics. If you don’t have tickets yet, get yours HERE.

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