Park Acoustics: An Interview with Mr Cat and The Jackal

Mr Cat and the Jackal are one of the acts who will be jamming at Park Acoustics this weekend. I recently had a chat to the band about this and a few other things. This is what they had to say…

I feel like it has been ages since I have seen you guys around (maybe I’m just living under a rock). What has been happening lately in the lives of Mr Cat and the Jackal?

Mr Cat & the Jackal is very much up and running, but we’ve been super busy with three things the last three years: Several theatre productions, an Afrikaans side-project called: BESSELSEN, and whoring out our skills and studio to other artists as session musicians and writers.

But now we’ve made a conscious decision to focus more on Mr Cat & the Jackal. This means we’re almost done with album four and we have a new drummer and we’re excited as hell to be back on the main stage! (We actually do gig a lot, but not in Gauteng)

Internally, life has thrown a couple of spanners our way, too. Everyone is a little older, and that has influenced our writing and sound tremendously. Slowly growing away from our musical toys and into some depth.

Mr Cat and The Jackal

If you had to describe the sound of Mr Cat and the Jackal in four words, what four words would you use?

Thoughtful doom folk theatrics.

It’s always a jam when you guys perform at Park Acoustics. How excited are you for Parks on the 1st of September?

Shitting our pants with eagerness – there are too many new angles we’d like to share. We don’t know if we’re going to alienate the crowd if we don’t do the Balkan pirate thing, or whether we should just full on go into a new direction from the beginning. I wish we had 90 minutes instead of 45.

Any surprises waiting for us in your set? Maybe one of the new songs you haven’t performed yet?

There will be several new songs on the set. Maybe if we feel brave, we will do a song from the upcoming EP3 called ‘Privilege’. Our heaviest song yet.

If you had to convince someone to buy a ticket to Park Acoustics, how would you go about that?

Park acoustics is to your Sunday what ice-cream is to a kid, walks to a dog, or power to the politicians.

To those sad folks who can’t make Park Acoustics, where can they catch Mr Cat and the Jackal next?

We have many shows coming up, you can see ‘em all on our Facebook page. You can also contact us directly there, if you’d like. MWA!

I’d like to thank Mr Cat and the Jackal for this interview and I wish them all of the best with their set at Park Acoustics.

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