Pascal & Pearce release lyric video for “Lose Control” featuring Johnny Apple

The 22nd of June saw the release of a brand new single by Cape Town electronic duo Pascal & Pearce entitled “Lose Control”  featuring Johnny Apple. The track comes after the release of their previous smash hit, “Running Wild” with Jethro Tait in October 2017, which is close to being platinum-certified.

More info about “Lose Control”

“Lose Control” can be described as a Summer House record, and Pascal & Pearce already started working on the instrumental part of the track in the Summer of 2016. Inspired by the season, their aim was to create a dance song which was ideal for sunshine and happy times, or at least a nostalgic reminder of those times. When they received the opportunity to work with Johnny Apple, they knew he would be a perfect fit for the track which is evident in the lyrics of the single.

Pascal & Pearce Lose control

“The song’s energy is about letting go of everything, and to be in the moment. Johnny’s lyrics sums it up perfectly!”  

The single mainly features guitar with a funky House bass drum line, and the duo made sure to keep their signature melodies combined with a drop which will make the listener want to dance.

“’Lose Control’ is an easy, relatable song and anyone who go out to party and dance will be able to identify with the song; enjoy the banger while you boogie!”

“I enjoyed writing the lyrics for ‘Lose Control’ with a friend of mine, Andrè Scheepers. When I first heard the track I knew I wanted to sing on it. The song is about enjoying the moment and having a good time. Pascal and Pearce are such talented dudes and it’s really cool to be a part of their project.” Johnny Apple.

I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of electronic music, but this is a well-produced track and it’s something that I’d like to call “pleasing to my eardrums”. Check out the live performance video of the song below:

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