Pedro Barbosa: 10 things you did not know

Pedro Barbosa release his debut solo album entitled “Reborn” earlier in 2018. When he’s not playing solo gigs around Gauteng, he’s also the frontman of The Barbosa Experience (a band that recently blew audiences away at Oppikoppi Nomakanjani).

Once upon a time Pedro Barbosa was also the frontman for the Pretoria based rock band Mrs B. He was born in Mozambique, but has spent a huge part of his life in South Africa.

Pedro Barbosa

Most of you reading this article probably know this already and if you’re curious to find out more about him, I’ve got a little treat for you today…

Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Pedro Barbosa

1. He actually met Brenda Fassie when she was still alive.

(Now it makes sense why The Barbosa Experience played an amazing cover of her song Nomakanjani at Oppikoppi this year).

2. His grandad met Bob Marley once.

(I’m jealous, really jealous…)

3. He has a huge soft spot for bulldogs.

(Who doesn’t?)

4. He loves children and tend to be involved with charities who really help children.

(Nothing wrong with that, children are our future)

5. Every single stitch in his body was formed by cycling. Except for one stitch: He got that one from drunk swimming.


6. Every stitch in my body was on the left side of my body.

(I’m impressed)

7. He played basketball from the age of 7 until 20.

(How many 3 pointers did you score in your career Pedro?)

8. Once upon a time he weighed 187 kilograms.

(He weighs a lot less know thanks to a rigorous training programme)

9. He has the serenity prayer tattooed on his back – the only addiction he has are cigarettes though.

(Good. Drugs are bad, mkay?)

10. He really loves cuddles and what it leads to

(Who doesn’t?)

Well, there you have it, 10 things you didn’t know about Pedro Barbosa. I hope that you’ve learned something that you did not know.

More info about Pedro’s solo album

If you haven’t bought his debut solo album yet, click here. Pedro had this to say about the album: “I wanted to take it to the next level and record something true to myself – something I enjoyed and could be proud of. The thought of this was something I feared for a long time, as I primarily only appealed to a rock-oriented market.”

Armed with a solid repertoire of songs and a powerful music video, Pedro Barbosa is on a pursuit to crack impermeable markets and reach new listeners. He’s already caught the attention of promoters and music-industry leaders with his electrifying live performances.

Pedro has also turned heads with release of the official music video for Crazy Love Is – the seventh track on “Reborn”. It’s an amazing video, check it out below:

I wish Pedro Barbosa all of the best with his future musical endeavors.

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