Personal Identity Theft Protection: Why do you need it?

“Identity theft protection? Do I really need it?”. You might be asking yourself this question. Well, in the last five years, there have been a thousand different cases of adults getting their identities stolen in the USA alone.

The statistics reveal that about 5% of the adult population of the USA have been victims of this menace. That translates to around 10 million people.


These people had their lives completely destroyed by dangerous thieves who worked in several ways. These ways range from hacking the victim’s computer to stealing their credit cards. In this article, you will be learning about why you must use personal identity theft protection services to help protect you against such fraudulent incidents.

In order to ensure that such scams do not occur anymore, a lot of companies have tried to ensure that there is a better and secured facility put in order to protect the identities of people. These personal identity protection services offer a range of features. These services help in protecting your credit scores from getting tampered with by anybody.

What services can you get with identity theft protection?

Personal Identity or Identity protection service companies are offering a total service for comprehensive protection of one’s identity. Studies have revealed that the service that these companies provide are similar to getting the oil in your car changed.

You feel that it would be possible for changing the oil in your car by yourself, but you would rather pay a mechanic to do it. This analogy reflects that you can do it yourself, but if you pay someone, they can do it better.

How will personal identify theft protection features work?

After you have enrolled for a personal identity theft protection service, you will see the service provider doing a number of things by using your name. You will see that they shall set up fraud alerts at the credit card bureaus at least 45 minutes after you complete your registration.

You will see automated systems handling this. In the event that there are any technical snags and the system does not function properly then it will be done manually, and you will also get informed about the delay.

This is a procedure that gets repeated automatically by their systems one in 3 months. The credit card bureau will also get informed. This will enable them to send you fraud alerts.

There is also another advantage that personal identity protection services offer you

That is in the removal of your names from the pre-approved credit card which you get in your mails. This is one of the most common methods. A lot of credit card and identity thieves use this in order to steal your details.

You may be able to do this yourself. Just take in mind that a lot of time the credit card company will tend to ignore your requests. Thus, you may feel tired out in repeatedly requesting the credit card companies for this. It will be easier with an external service provider in taking care of these things. Also, you will get rid of all the junk mail that you receive. This is definitely a major advantage.

You’ll also get free credit card reports from the major credit bureaus once annually. These companies will also check for any form of business deals that might have done illegally with your details. They can also find out if there were any addresses bought using your name and check if they were legitimate transactions.

What guarantee can you get?

Personal identity theft prevention service companies offer you a massive guarantee deal. If anything happens to you if you’re a member of a specific company, then the company will help you to go through the ordeal. The company will also spend up to $1 million dollars if your identity gets stolen (if you’re a member).

You can find more information about such companies on the internet and also take a look at Lifelock and how effective it is compared to several online forums and websites on the internet.


In today’s day and age, one can never be too careful with security on the internet. The world is making a lot of progress in terms of technology. Unfortunately identity thefts and credit card fraud are also on the rise. Hopefully, the information about personal identity theft protection services will help you.

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