Personalization – Key To The Future Of Marketing Automation

It’s a fact that personalization is the key to the future of marketing automation.Marketing Automation uses software to automate marketing activities such as lead generation activities, telemarketing, market education and price justification, social and relationship marketing and much more.

Marketers use automation to assist them with improving the ROI from their marketing investments. It helps with scaling up exercises that you would somehow do physically or complicated for people to interpret. Marketing automation solves are critical issues that incorporate coordinating diverse advertising systems and improving income attribution to marketing.


Here are some examples

‘I received a special birthday wish note with an exclusive discount on my birthday from Body Shop.’-  This is automated email personalization marketing. Beauty shops are conducting a DNA test to match the right kind of beauty products that suit their body type.- Use of personalization in business.

With more brands utilizing it to upgrade client commitment, marketing automation will observe a revolution sooner rather than later. Brands have just begun receiving trendy instruments to improve lead age, measure marketing strategy, campaign management, and more and are generating superior marketing ROI.

Personalization, the word itself says ‘customization from person to person. The personalization idea is absolutely business. For instance, an online e-commerce store may offer advertisements to its customers, depending on their previous purchase or what they have added to their wishlist. Another one, Instagram, personalized its home page for each user based on that user’s last searches, views and purchases.

Market Automation is joining hands with personalization.

Effectively promoting your business boils down to a couple of things, beginning with the powerful market survey. You need to know your intended consumer group to give them the best products and services.

While it’s not difficult to get things done without market automation, it makes it a ton simpler. At the point when you realize your objective market and the sort of content they’re after, combining market automation with personalization can prompt achievement. Here’s how to do it.

Know your audience to target them better

There are two particular kinds of information you need to gather from your clients:

1. Personal identity- age, gender, occupation.

2. Behavioural identity- downloads, clicks, correspondence ( all actions a consumer takes online). Behavioural identity helps to know the exciting pattern of the consumer. Once you have set up buyer personas, you can start creating content based on the above information and build your marketing automation campaigns.

Follow a multi-channel marketing approach.

It refers to the use of different marketing channels to identify prospects and consumers.

What is the advantage of market automation?

The answer is Centralization. When you see all your outreach in one place, you can give your maximum efforts to not go your clients away from you.

To recognize brand loyalty in the present competitive era, you need to ensure you’re wherever your clients are. By seeing the same content in different media, a prospective customer tends to get affected since it reflects its interest. As a result, the chances of getting lead becomes higher for the business.

To be fruitful at market automation, your missions should include a multi-channel approach with numerous touchpoints. These incorporate unique site and email content, online media, re-focusing on and social communication media. If you did your statistical surveying effectively and distinguished the correct buyer personas, you should realize which channels to target and what recurrence.

Use of dynamic content

Dynamic content refers to using the content based on user’s interactions, timing and other factors. It keeps on changing with time. For instance, an e-commerce store would display more of a jacket, woollen wears, socks on winter days or just before the winter starts and more cotton material on summer days. It is the most practical and straightforward approach to follow.

Look for the triggers

Your clients’ requirements many times do not match up with your mission plan. So use marketing automation for trigger marketing: automatic messaging that makes the most of each engagement opportunity.

Maybe it’s the birthday of your top customers. Send them congrats! If your database is up to date, this is a great trigger to send a personal wish. Keep your client intact and close.

How to expand your marketing automation with the help of personalization?

Marketing automation has come a long way and is evolving with the help of personalization. What it enables to do is-

1. It started focusing on the specific market rather than going global and hitting the right person at the perfect time with personalization.

2. Measuring Return on Income on every segment

3. Run numerous missions and tests for various sections of your individuals simultaneously.

Stepping away from mass online and offline advertising can appear to be scary. You can run advertising tests in automated, personalized channels and choices that suit the business’s sort.When you are searching for marketing automation tools for personalized automation, there are few channels you should opt for-

Text message marketing automation

Texting has been a traditional rule. Personalized automated text is trending and helping businesses to come closer to their clients’ lifestyle and taste. You can segment your client depending upon what stage of the customer journey they are on and schedule automated messages. For instance, for completing four weeks of the personal training session, a business can send an automated text message when that milestone reaches. Just set it up for the members and forget it.

Advantages of it

1. It has a higher open rate. It is believed the members open 98% of the text messages. So it is a successful communication channel compared to emails, calls or another marketing strategy, leading to high conversion and engagement rate.

2. It has a wider reach since for text messaging; you only need cell phones. With the increasing usage of cell phones, messages can be instantly delivered.

3. It is cheap as compared to another marketing strategy. It also does not require any internet connection.

Email automation

Automated emails are sent by the businesses triggered by the subscribers’ actions instead of sending email broadcasts to all the subscribers irrespective of the likes and dislikes. Email marketing automation is considered one of the highest paying assets.

Advantages of automated personalized emails over traditional emailing

1. Efficiency in workflow since it automatically sends emails to subscribers triggered by a specific action. So management can save a lot of time and give the saved time on other areas of business.

2. Personalization in an automated email is being used massively to engage with customers, and it is incredibly beneficial to inbound marketing. NotifyVisitors gives all you require when setting up and dealing with personalization in automated marketing. With NotifyVisitors, you can personalize content for different user segments and receive all computerisation rewards.

3. Its focus on the specific customer with a high chance of converting sales since it is a carefully planned email strategy.

4. It saves marketing costs. You needn’t require a sales team making cold calls every day. They can move toward individuals when they’re fit to be reached, and you needn’t bother with extra administrator teams guaranteeing emails are conveyed consistently. Paying for a vast group to continually contact prospects isn’t required.

Personalization is the future of market automation. It is one of the keys to market automation success, which cannot be avoided at any cost.

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