Photo Album: aKING & The Barbosa Experience @ Aandklas

On the 3rd of July I made my way to Aandklas Hatfield after work to kick-start my weekend. Instead of going home after my 3rd drink I decided to act a little bit out of my routine and stay longer to enjoy live music performances by The Barbosa Experience and aKING.

The Barbosa Experience were up first and I have to say that this Pretoria based act has come a long over the last few years. They might not have that many original songs, but they can take any classic rock / pop tunes and make it their own and to make it even sweeter, lead singer Pedro Barbosa’s stage personality and sense of humor definitely makes the whole experience worthwhile. Check them out at a venue near you in the capital city if you have not done so already.

Barbosa Experience 01

Barbosa Experience 03

Barbosa Experience 02

Barbosa Experience 04

aKING were up next. These Belville boys truly pulled off one of the best shows that I’ve seen them play and the Aandklas crowd were not disappointed all. It wasn’t long before people were singing along to songs like “Safe as Houses”, “The Runaround”, “Into the Twilight” and “Jezebel”. The atmosphere was electric and I’m really looking forward to see their set at Oppikoppi in August.

aKING 04

aKING 03

aKING 02

aKING 01

You can view more photos on the Henno Kruger Photography and Aandklas Hatfield pages on Facebook.

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