Photo Album: Arcade Empire Kitchen Re-Opening


By now it has been well established that the new Arcade Empire is the place to be if you want to see the best that local music has to offer. But now it is once again it offers one of the best menus in town!

The options on the menu are limited, mostly pizzas and baskets. But this only means that the few things they do, they do really well! And my personal favorite, the Chilli Poppers, are also back and better than ever.

They celebrated the opening of the new kitchen with performances by Flint and Tinder, Werner Olckers (Wrestlerish) and aKing. The acoustic vibe of old Arcade has been sorely missed but after these performances it is back with a vengeance! I was lucky enough to see my first Flint and Tinder performance and I am hoked. This is two guys you better watch out for! Werner’s Wrestlerish tunes always entertains but I strongly advise you to start listening to what this man has to say. His comical genius flies under the radar with his acoustic sets as people just continue yapping over a glass of wine. Naturally the highlight of the evening was aKing’s “honky tonk ” performance as they put it. Even though it might have been acoustic they don’t shy away from an energy filled performance. By the time “Safe as Houses” rolled around the crowd took over the spotlight and belted out half the song louder than the band!

Now that Arcade Empire is officially in full swing I can’t wait to see what we can expect there next!



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