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Photo Album: Balls Deep! @ Schivas Rock


On Friday the 16th of January I made my way to Schivas Rock in Lynnwood, Pretoria to attend my first gig of the year: Balls Deep! featuring Backlit City, The T’s and C’s, The Olympic and The Black Cat Bones.

I arrived at the venue (which is often referred to as “The Shire” or “Menlo Park Sun City” by locals) at around 8 PM. Before you could say “Balpoeierpartytjie” I enjoyed my first brew of the night, socialized with some of my fellow Grind Radio peeps and waited for the first band to start jamming.

Around 9 PM Backlit City made their way onto the tiny un-elevated Schivas Rock stage and entertained the crowd with their interesting blend of Southern Punk Rock. It didn’t take the lead vocalist long to move into the tiny crowd (mic in hand) and I remember thinking that the party had just started. It was going to be a long night…

Next up were the T’s and C’s. This Indie rock ‘n roll band from Johannesburg impressed me with their intensity and somewhat catchy lyrics. I am going to go out on a whim and tell you that they are definitely one of the bands to watch in the SA Music Scene in 2015.

The Olympic were up next and immediately turned the live performance experience knob up with their energetic blend of heavy pop punk. The venue started filling up nicely and it was obvious that many of their fans made an effort to catch their set.

If you have not listened to their song, “City Sleeps” yet, you should, it’s a really cool tune. Don’t think about, just click the play button below…

The last act of the night were The Black Cat Bones. These Pretoria Blues Rock boytjies played one hell of a set. It was great seeing Rot doing what I call the bok pelvis shuffle, it was great seeing Chris van der Walt jamming the kak out of that bass, it was great seeing Jason Hinch playing the kak out of he drums and it was great hearing Andre Kriel jam the kak out his guitar. It was just great seeing them for the first time in 2015.

Eventually the party at Schivas Rock died for me at around 1 AM, but I did go to Lucky Rodrigo across the road for some post gig drinks, which turned out to be great fun.

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