Photo Album: Bittereinder and The Frown Live


Once again Old Mutual Music in the Gardens has proven that Sundays don’t only have to consist of you counting down the hours until the Carte Blanche theme song announces the end of your weekend. This time around The Frown and Bittereinder had people flocking to the Pretoria Botanical Gardens.

The Frown proved that the best way to start a party, is to be the party! They were definitely¬† the first day time rave I have been to and they bring their own dancers. But these aren’t professional dancers, they are simply the most creative bunch of individuals you will come across breaking it down like there is no tomorrow! Bittereinder fever is still running high since OppiKoppi and it is clear why. I have never seen performers with more chemistry on stage than Jaco, Peach and Louis. The trio performs their hearts out no matter how many people show up. No two shows of them are the same that’s why you have no excuse to miss any of their upcoming performances!


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