Photo Album: Deftones at Oppikoppi 2013 Bewilderbeast

On Saturday night Deftones headlined Oppikoppi 2013 Bewilderbeast. A huge crowd of +/- 18000 people made their way to the Wesley’s Dome stage to catch a glimpse of this amazing American rock band in action. I was one of the privileged few to photograph them from the photographer’s pit.

Deftones were louder than I expected. They played every single song that I wanted to hear. I started getting goosebumps when they started playing their songs “My Own Summer (Shove It)” (the tune that put them on the map thanks to The Matrix OST) and “Be Quiet And Drive”. Their live performance skills impressed me, but I have to admit that it got a bit monotonous nearing the end of their set. I’m sure that some of you reading this will agree with me. Here are some of the photos that I took during their set:

Deftones @ Oppikoppi 2013 01

Deftones @ Oppikoppi 2013 02

Deftones @ Oppikoppi 2013 03

Deftones @ Oppikoppi 2013 04

Deftones @ Oppikoppi 2013 05

Deftones @ Oppikoppi 2013 06

Deftones @ Oppikoppi 2013 07

Deftones @ Oppikoppi 2013 08

There you have it, some photos of Deftones at Oppikoppi 2013 Bewilderbeast. Feel free to comment on this post with your observations about this set at the festival. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here. You can view more photos of Deftones and photos taken at Oppikoppi 2013 Bewilderbeast on the Henno Kruger Photography page on Facebook.

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