Photo Album: Die Tuindwergies & Frankie Fire @ Arcade Empire


When Arcade Empire recently moved to a new venue, a big concern for regulars was whether or not they could fill the bigger space. Thus far, if you don’t have a big name performing it looks unlikely. But this is by no means a bad thing.

With Die Tuindwergies and Frankie Fire album launch Arcade transformed into a homely and comfortable space, compared to the war zone on it’s opening night. With some new tunes from two of Pretoria’s best bands fans had the change to let loose.

Frankie Fire has a new single burning up the air waves on Tuks FM and it seems they can still keep their sound fresh and new.  Die Tuindwergies might also be very young band but with their new album they have made it clear that they may actually have staying power in the industry. And as far as live shows go they are a must see!

Here are some of pictures I took at the event!


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