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Photo Album: Hellcats at Park Acoustics


Hellcats are definitely one of my favorite rock bands in South Africa at the moment. This band blows me away every time I see them live with their performance skills and their amazing passion for rock ‘n roll.

Some folks might think that rock ‘n roll is dead or a lost cause in South Africa, but Hellcats is proof that they’re wrong with their assessment. To date the band have not released an album, but they’ve grabbed the attention of rock fans far and wide with songs like “Sunlight 1973”, “Black Stabbath” and “Get In The Fire”.

I watched Hellcats perform at the previous edition of Park Acoustics on the 2nd of October and I took some pics. Check them out below…

“Hellcats have once again proven their worth and with anthems like these – they can only continue to amaze South African crowds and potentially even the world. They are South Africa’s very own Royal Blood.” SA Music Scene

“Their sound is without compromise and entirely their own. It’s all about chemistry – in the explosive sense. Unflinching, raw and chaotic, it’s everything rock ‘n’ roll stands for. If you like rock music in any form you will find the Hellcats irresistible.” Texx and the City

“Hellcats has this 60’s and 70’s sound to their music and have revelead that they are influenced by the likes Led Zeppelin, Motorhead and Jimi Hendrix. Being a two-piece it is difficult not to reference contemporaries such as The White Stripes and Black Keys.” The Fuss

If you have not seen Hellcats play you should definitely make a plan if you’re a fan of rock music. You will not be disappointed, mark my words. You can catch them live at Benoni Northern Northerns on the 5th of November.

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