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Photo Album: Jack Parow @ Hatfield Carnival 2013


On the 9th of February I made my way to Hatfield Square to catch the Pretoria leg of the 3rd annual Campus Invasion tour.  It was an awesome day choc-a-bloc full with awesome tunes. The line-up for the day included folks like Southern Gypsey Queen, Toya Delayzy, Naming James, Desmond and the Tutu’s, Shadowclub, Winterstasie, Straatligkinders, Die Heuwels Fantasties, Jet Black Camaro, Jack Parow and others.

More than 4,000 fans made their way into Hatfield Square. Tickets for the square were already sold out by 3 PM. The jovial crowd enjoyed drinks at places like Oxford’s English Pub, Slug ‘n Lettuce, Cherry Jam, Oppisquare and Drop Zone whilst enjoying the excellent display of SA Music. I did not see a bad performance on the day, but I do feel that the line-up lacked a bit of “oomf”. Besides Jet Black Camaro and Southern Gypsey Queen (who played their set on the street stage) there wasn’t any real rock bands (in my opinion). I guess the Pretoria crowd has changed over the years, so I fully understand why.

This year’s Hatfield Carnival was a lot better organized than last year’s event. Access control was tight, but for a reason. Last year the Hatfield precinct nearly burst out of seams. This year over 10,000 people were in the area. The crowd was also a lot more well behaved than last year. Kudos to Hilltop Live, Tuks FM and the others involved for organizing this awesome event.

Three of the highlights on the day were definitely Shadowclub, Southern Gypsey Queen and Jack Parow. These three acts really got the crowd going. It almost felt that everyone was “in the zone” during these three sets. Today I’m only featuring photos of Jack Parow taken on the day, but you can view all the photos I took on the day on the Henno Kruger Photography Page on Facebook.

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