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Photo Album: The Last Hurrah @ Hotbox Studios


On the 11th of November last year I made my way to Hotbox Studios to enjoy The Last Hurrah – a party that will go down in Pretoria’s annals of infamy.

I arrived at 1072 Schoeman Street in the late afternoon and after grabbing my first cold one I settled in and felt a wave of nostalgia blow over me. Back in the day I only attended one party at this infamous venue, but it had such a huge impact on me. I took this time to reflect on everything that’s happened since that legendary night in January 2011 and I felt the utmost gratitude for the okes that gave us this venue.

That Hotbox Studios party was the first stepping stone in journey that made me re-discover my love for live and local music. It was also one of the first gigs that I photographed, so it was also a crucial part of my photographical journey. It inspired me to greatness. It was great to be back at this venue again and fun to mingle with the friends and the folks that made it so great.

Six acts performed on the night and I tried to capture all of them better than I captured those acts in January 2011. Tidal Waves (featuring Jaco Mans on guitar) got the party started, Mr Cat and The Jackal helped everyone to embrace their inner gypsy, The Moths  served as a wave of rock ‘n roll, Hello Beautiful made sure that they got me and everyone else jumping and dancing, Desmond & The Tutus reminded us NOT take ourselves too seriously and Jack Parow made sure the we had a makietie.

It was great bumping into many of the familiar faces and fun partying like I was 34 years old again. I had too many shots and I definitely felt it the next day, but I’m not complaining – it was one of the coolest parties I’ve been to in years.

I’d like to thank Rautie, Henk, Willie and everyone else for this great event. It’s a pity that I had to leave a little early on the night, but it was still one hell of a jol. Pretoria’s Live Music Scene is in good hands and I’m glad you guys are involved in it.

You can check out the full photo album on Facebook here and watch this space for regular updates in the Photography category.



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