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Photo Album: Straatligkinders at Arcade Empire


On Friday the 15th of September I checked out Straatligkinders at Arcade Empire. In case you did not know, Arcade Empire is Gauteng and Pretoria’s number one live music venue.

Sesling opened for Straatligkinders at Arcade Empire and did not disappoint either. Sesling is probably one of the loudest Afrikaans bands that I’ve seen before. If you ask me, lead singer Andre Perreira probably has a bit of built-up anger flowing through his veins that not many of us are aware of.

Seeing Straatligkinders at Arcade Empire was definitely one of the musical highlights of 2012 for me. I’m glad these boys are back together and recording music. SA Music needs a band like them. I must admit that I only really got into their music just before they released their “Sweef Soos ‘n Vuishou” album back in 2008, but they’ve grown on me since then.

Bouwer Bosch and the brothers Kruger did not disapppoint with their live performance. Straatligkinders played all the good old songs and gave the Pretoria faithful a taste of their new tunes. I must say that I was impressed by them. They’ve grown even though they have been in hiatus for a while. This probably due to many of the band’s members working on side projects and playing other bands like Moses Metro Man and Dans Dans Lisa. The last time I had seen them before this show was at Oppikoppi Sexy. Crooked. Teeth in 2010.

I snapped this photos of Straatligkinders at Arcade Empire. If you were not there you missed out.

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