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Photo Album: Taxi Violence at Arcade Empire


Last week Friday I caught a glimpse of Western Cape Rockers Taxi Violence at Arcade Empire. They were the headlining act for a fine evening of rock ‘n roll that also featured appearances by Jet Black Camaro, Action Thrillers and Man As Machine.

Jet Black Camaro impressed me with their “in your face” style of old school rock ‘n roll, Action Thrillers proved that there still rock ‘n roll out there and that there’s hope for the future and Man As Machine proved once again that they know how to rock their socks off and get a crowd going at a gig. I’m surprised that all three these bands haven’t gotten more attention in the SA Music Scene because they deserve it.

Seeing Taxi Violence at Arcade Empire was one of the highlights of September 2012 for me. These okes just know how to rock the fuck out and I’m pretty sure that those of you reading this who have seen them live will agree with me. From a photographers point of view, Taxi Violence is also one of the most difficult bands to shoot in the SA Music scene, because they really rock out on stage and don’t really stand still. And no I’m not complaining – they can rock out as much as they want to, eventually I do get my shots.

Taxi Violence are one of the most underrated acts in South Africa and they definitely deserve a lot more attention in the media.  And yes, Taxi Violence are most definitely one of my favorite live South African acts.  I try to get my butt down their shows whenever they are in town. If you haven’t seen them live, do yourself a favor, you won’t be disappointed. I snapped these photos of Taxi Violence at Arcade Empire on the night

So, did you see Taxi Violence at Arcade Empire? If you did, please leave a comment on this post and let me know what you thought of their set. Feedback is appreciated and welcome.

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