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Photo Album: The Lumineers Live in Johannesburg


On Saturday the 6th of December, my friend Jaxx and I made our way to Emmarentia Dam in Johannesburg to catch The Lumineers live. We decided to take the safe option and catch a lift with a friend who is NOT an alcoholic and arrived at the venue around 11 AM.

It didn’t take me long to bump into a few of the Pretoria faithful and before someone could ask “Where’s the bar?” we already cracked open our first ones of the day and mentally preparing ourselves for an awesome day of music.

I have to admit that I did not really pay attention to the opening acts, but Alice Phoebe Lou (who recently received some attention after appearing on one of TED’s videos) was definitely the perfect act to grease the music hungry crowd’s joints. Majozi and Dear Reader were not half bad either. They added some more grease, but one could get the sense that the majority of the crowd was really there to watch the Lumineers (or it may have been those Jose Cuervo margharitas plugging into my brain and making me imagine things).

The Lumineers made their way onto the stage at 4 PM and immediately drew the crowd into their music, playing “When We Were Young” early in their set-list. I was also amazed to hear the lead singer asking the crowd to put away their phones, so they could be fully present and enjoy their music (something that surprising approved by the crowd). Hearing most of the 15,000 strong crowd singing along to many of theirs songs, was also pretty amazing.

Another amazing thing was enjoying some ice cold Jose Cuervo margharitas on the Cuervo VIP deck to watch most of the show. I have to admit that I did expect a little bit more from the Lumineers’ performance, but I wasn’t disappointed at all. The quick bar and toilet queues and the amazing atmosphere made up for it. Kudos to Seed Experiences for putting another great event.

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