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Photo Album: Tuks FM Motherless New Year’s Eve Party


Over this past weekend I made my way to the Tuks FM Motherless New Year’s Eve party at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria. Over the years the Tuks FM New Year’s Eve party has become one of the annual must-attend events on the Pretoria musical calendar. After winning a double ticket for the event via the popular microblogging service Twitter and picking it up at the Tuks FM studio my housemate and I made our way to the venue after 4 PM on Friday and arrived just before 5 PM. We drove past the car that was transporting Die Antwoord on our way in. After bumping into some of the Tuks FM staff and grabbing my first beer of the day at the bar I made my way to the huge beer tent which was set up for the event and mentally prepared myself for New Year’s Eve 2010 / 2011.

Pity the Fool started jamming at about 5:30 PM. The crowd was small at this stage but growing substantially as their set progressed. Their blend of fast paced rock ‘n roll set the stage for a brilliant display of South African music. Gauteng based band Frankie Fire was up next. This act truly impressed me. Their blend of pop-rock added to the brilliance of my concert experience. I’ve also never heard a band asking people to become their fan on Facebook on stage, either. After Frankie Fire it was the turn of Yesterday’s Pupil. It was the first time that I saw this unique act performing. Yesterday’s Pupil’s performance confirmed by suspicion of the musical brilliance that is Peach van Pletzen. It was also bloody good to hear some Bittereinder riffs playing on some really loud speakers.

I only caught a glimpse of Oorlog Frankenstein before it was Afrikaans rockers Van Coke Kartel’s turn on stage. They played a truly memorable gig. I could not decide if their performance at Oppikoppi Sexy. Crooked. Teeth was better than this one or not. Van Coke Kartel really got the crowd singing along and jumping up and down. Next up was Cape Town based rockers Ashtray Electric. It was also the first time I’ve watched a full gig by them and I was absolutely impressed. After seeing them perform there is no doubt in my mind that they are one of the best live acts around in SA. And with a 2nd album in the pipeline in 2011 things can only get better. It was New Holland’s turn next. I only saw half of their show since the rain started coming down at the Voortrekker Monument, but it did not spoil the mood of the partying Pretorians in front of the stage.

After grabbing some grub I made my way to the stage to catch International Afrikaans Zef superstars Die Antwoord on stage. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about their live performance before going to Motherle$$. All skepticism was blown aside by their performance though. Even though the rain was pouring down the crowd did not move an inch from the stage. The highlight of Die Antwoord’s performance was probably Ninja shouting “Pretoria, the Zef capital of the world!” or something to that extent whilst playing Enter the Ninja on stage which was met by a huge cheer from the 8000+ strong crowd in the rain. About three-quarters through their show about the whole of the Tuks FM staff did a brilliant champagne-packed countdown to 2011 on stage. After this, Die Antwoord & a giant Casper the ghost type figure with either a dildo or a giant penis continued their set in front of the rain-drenched crowd. After seeing their performance there is no doubt in my mind that Die Antwoord is definately one of South Africa’s best exports (despite the Zef-ness of their music). After Die Antwoord the rain stopped and the remainder of the still-upright crowd were treated to the hectic beats of Haezer.

Overall the visuals, lighting and sound at Tuks FM Motherle$$ were absolutely brilliant. The event was well organized. There were plenty of toilets, seating, standing space, adequate medical facilities, booze and food at the venue. I especially enjoyed the “I Love P Town” visual that was displayed during the course of the evening. The covered beer tent provided adequate shelter for those trying to dodge the rain as well. I bumped into a lot of people I know at the event, some old friends and a lot of interesting tweople that I know on Twitter. During the course of the evening I bumped into about 7 – 10 real life friends, @s4SamsonOduntan, @RobForbesDJ, @RyanBrunyee, @AlexCaige, @pjvanrooyen, @JacoMetro, @djseancase, @jacquesdpsa, @Vanderliefde, @KonstantDJDeVos, @Sarinatjie, @BaasDeBeer, @SimoneFourie7, @estiaanv, @stevoza, @donmulto, @Ahwelady, @LiamLynchPhoto and @rudi_cronje. I had an absolute ball of a time.

Here are some photos that I took at Tuks FM Motherle$$:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tuks FM for the double ticket and for organizing one of the best New Year’s Eve parties I’ve ever attended. I also want take this opportunity to wish all the readers of Running Wolf’s Rant a happy and prosperous 2011. There have been various posts in the Photo Album section of the Photography category on the blog, so feel free to check them out. You might also want to check out the numerous posts in the Music, Events, Facts, Movies, Humor, Technology, Television and Babes categories as well. Feedback is appreciated and welcome. Comment on anything that you might find interesting.


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