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Photo Album: Uriah Heep at Mieliepop 2012


On the weekend of the 26th to the 28th of October I made my way to the Mieliepop Songtuary festival near Lothair in Mpumalanga. The main international headlining act for the weekend were British Rock legends Uriah Heep. I consider seeing Uriah Heep at Mieliepop as one of the highlights of the 2012 SA Music festival calendar.

Uriah Heep tore the rock hungry crowd a new one with their excellent performance. One could see why they have been around for so long. Apart from the drummer in the band, everyone else was old enough to be my dad. I was particularly impressed with the keyboard player, the lead vocalist and the main guitarist. I’m pretty sure that the 2,000 strong crowd who experienced Uriah Heep at Mieliepop will agree with me when I say that I was completely blown away by them.

I snapped these photos of Uriah Heep at Mieliepop 2012, check them out below:

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