Photo Album: Vanfokkingparow in Hatfield Square


Do you need quick easy demolition? Then look no further! Simply hold a Vanfokkingparow show and any pesky barrier will be a thing of the past!

Pretoria has been hungry for a show of this proportion and they certainly got what they paid for. Jack Parow made his long awaited return to Hatfield Square after being banned and Fokofpolisiekar had the crowd breaking down the built in barriers of the stage after just one song! Francois van Coke certainly¬† ensured a fair share of entertainment. From hitting his head with the mic to shoving Jack Parow into the crowd he made sure it was one of those legendary shows people will be talking about for a while. aKING also didn’t disappoint (but then again, they rarely do) bringing their good old dirty rock and roll to Snorcity. The great thing about these conjoined concerts is that everybody is part of everybody’s show. We got Laudo Liebenberg singing “Tot die son uitkom” and Jedd Kossew doing “Fokofpolisiekar” so you never know what to expect.

Hopefully Hatfield Square will realize the demand for concerts of this scale and treat us to many more epic shows in the future!

Here are some Photos from the concert



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