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Photo Album: We Are One Colour Festival in Johannesburg


The We Are One Colour Festival was held at Emmerentia Dam in Johannesburg yesterday. Once in a while a festival comes along that blows your mind away and this was definitely one of them for your’s truly.

I arrived at the venue at 12 noon and was amazed by the amount of people walking around in plain white clothing. This didn’t last long though. At 1 PM the first powder throwing exercise happened at the We Are One Colour Festival. The result was that people got a little more colourful. I dodged most of the powder thrown at the first session though.

Things got a little different from 2 PM onwards though. The second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth powder throw session left me covered in all kinds of coloured powder. I also had to wipe powder off my camera lens and body regularly (despite the fact that it was covered in a ziplock bag). The vibe went for mildy chilled out to more awesome with every powder throwing countdown. I also had the privilege to order beer at the longest bar I’ve ever seen at a festival. It must have been at least 500 meters long and no one waited for than 10 minutes for a drink (something some festivals can learn from in South Africa).

Check out this video that I took featuring one of the powder throwing sessions below:

In short the day can be described as follows: Awesome Vibe, Awesome People, Awesome Bar, Bright Colours. 15,000 people attended the We Are One Colour Festival (which would’ve been originally known as the Holi One Colour Festival’s Johannesburg Edition). These tickets sold out before any form of a line-up was announced (which should tell you something about Jozi’s love of electronic music). On the day more than 8 tons of powder was sold at the event (which was apparently 4 times the amount that was sold at the Cape Town Holi One Festival).

I also did not see a single grumpy person on the day. People were throwing eachother with powder and enjoying the electro music. Some folks really dressed for the occasion and there was no shortage of stunning ladies. In short: No one had any major complaints. Kudos to the organizers for pulling off one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to.

Check out some of the photos that I took on the day below

What do those of you who attended the We Are One Colour Festival think of it? Leave a comment and let me know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

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