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Photo of Night Sky Over AfrikaBurn


AfrikaBurn is the spectacular result of the creative expression of participants who gather once a year in the Tankwa Karoo to create a temporary city of art, theme camps, costume, music and performance.

AfrikaBurn is the South African version of  Burning Man (which is held in Black Rock, Nevada in the USA every year and is attended by 50,000 people). This year’s edition of AfrikaBurn was held from the 25th of April until the 1st of May and was attended by +/- 11,000 people.

By analogy to the Man at Burning Man, the main sculpture at the event is called the San Clan. It is designed to look like a San rock art glyph of a group of people. The intention is to convey the idea of unity and community at the event. Like some sculptures at the event, it is burnt.

AfrikaBurn’s aim is to be radically inclusive and accessible to anyone. The touchstone of value in the culture will always be immediacy: experience before theory, moral relationships before politics, survival before services, roles before jobs, ritual before symbolism, work before vested interest, participant support before sponsorship.

I have to admit that I might not have the stomach to tackle this festival. 7 days is a little too much festival for me. The fact that it’s more than 8 hours drive from Pretoria is also a factor. I’m pretty sure it’s worth it, but that’s a long drive. Maybe I’ll harden the fuck up one year and do it, who knows?

Michael Groenewald snapped this photo of the night sky above AfrikaBurn and I just had to share it with all of you because it’s one of the most stunning photos I’ve ever seen.

If this is not proof that we live in one of the most beautiful countries on planet Earth, I don’t want to know what is.

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