Phototastic Thursday: Park Acoustics photos from 2011

It’s time for another edition of Phototastic Thursday on Running Wolf’s Rant. Over the last four years Park Acoustics has established itself as one of the must-attend single day music events in Gauteng. Sadly I missed the first few editions in 2010, but I am grateful that I’ve made a point of attending almost every single one since February 2011. Park Acoustics has become part of my monthly routine and it’s something that I look forward to every month, so I’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane and feature some of the photos that I took at Park Acoustics in 2011 today. Enjoy.

In February 2011 I made my way to the National Botanical Gardens to catch Shortstraw, Zinkplaat, Gang of Instrumentals and Mr Cat & The Jackal at Park Acoustics. It was the first time that I set foot in the gardens (even though I already been living in Pretoria for 15 years at that stage of my life). I enjoyed the mellowed-out atmosphere and the acoustic sounds on the day and was truly impressed by Mr Cat & The Jackal – I bought their second album on the spot. It was also the first time that I watched Shortstraw perform.

Mr Cat & the Jackal


In April 2014 I made my way to first edition of Park Acoustics at the Voortrekker Monument. Toby Benko, Tim Burns, Die Tuindwergies and Die Heuwels Fantasties were on the bill that day and it was an amazing day filled with cold beer and fun in the sun. It started raining that afternoon, so the organizers moved Die Heuwels Fantasties show into one of the halls (which set a whole “skoolsaal” vibe).

Crowd at Park Acoustics

Die Tuindwergies

Crowd at Park Acoustics 2

In August 2011 I made my way to my first Fort Schanskop edition of Park Acoustics. This edition featured Neil van Deventer, Hoot ‘n Anny, Southern Gypsey Queen and Dan Patlansky (someone who had blown away the crowd at Oppikoppi Unknown Brother earlier in that month). It was one of the most memorable experiences of 2011 and I still remember Franco (from Hoot ‘n Anny) blocking the mic sound to tell the crowd in front of the stage what the three kings were (rocking, fucking and Elvis).

Southern Gypsey Queen

Dan Patlansky

Dan Patlansky 2

I also attended December 2011 edition of Park Acoustics featuring Flint & Tinder (an acoustic folk duo from Pretoria), Bateleur (a Post Triassic band from Cape Town) and KONGOS (a band with South African roots who are based in Arizona in the United States and currently climbing up the Billboard charts with songs that were played at this event). 2,000 pre-sold tickets were sold for the show, which made it the biggest Park Acoustics at the time. In the end more than 3,300 people had passed through the gates on the date. The vibe was friggin’ amazing.


Kongos 2

Kongos 3

Kongos 4

Kongos 5


Well, there you have it, another trip down memory lane is done and dusted. If this brings back memories for you, feel free to comment on this post and share some of them. If you’ve enjoyed this article, feel free to share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Remember: Sharing is Caring.

The next edition of Park Acoustics will take place on Sunday the 27th of July 2014 at Fort Schanskop (in the Voortrekker Monument nature reserve) and will feature appearances by Dan Patlansky, Southern Gypsey Queen, Lucy Kruger, The Oh So Serious, The Very Wicked and DJ Michael Lesar. Robby Collins, Monique Nortje and Jason Goliath will also be tickling the funny bones on the comedy stage. Get more details here.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music and Photography Category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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