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Pimp your Gadets with Wrappz.co.za


Wrappz.co.za is a South African company who provides custom designed covers, skins, cases, stickers and other accessories to protect, cover and personalize your gadgets. It’s a great way to pimp your gadgets.

If you get a skin Wrappz.co.za for you gadget, it’s not “just another cover”. Their skins personalize and protect devices using patented 3M vinyl with easy-on, easy-off technology. The company also provides custom personalized hard cases for phones and other selected gadgets. Their hard cases are made from tough scratch resistant polycarbonate and can be customized.

Custom skins that Wrappz.co.za provide include bespoke designs for mobile phones, Apple iPads, Apple iPods, Apple iPod Touch, laptops, Kindles and all tablets, PSPs, DS, Xbox, etc. Their other mobile phone accessories include Apple iPhone skins and cases, BlackBerry, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Google skins, LG and Motorola skins. They also provide Kindle accessories.

Let’s say that you’re the biggest Thundercats fan in the world and you have the most awesome photo that you want on your phone casing or skin – the folks at Wrappz.co.za can do that. And you don’t have to visit a physical shop to show them your design, you can actually design your custom case / skin on their Website and order it directly from them. They also have a wide selection of images that you can choose from if you’re not the next Leonardo Da Vinci.

Wrappz.co.za is also very affordable. Prices range from only R179 for phones to R499 for iPads. Pretty schweet if you ask me. Maybe I should get a custom casing or skin for my Samsung Galaxy S3. Delivery can take from 10 to 15 days in South Africa and 14 to 18 days outside South Africa. Delivery charges vary from R15 to R68.

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