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Power to the deaf, Jeremy Loops style


So, how do you make one cow and about everyone in the nation shed a tear? By watching the video of the Fulton School for the Deaf perform my boy Jeremy Loops’ song “Power”. While I was surfing the social media networks I saw that SA Music’s loopmaster  uploaded this link onto his page.

Jeremy Loops had this to say on his YouTube channel: “This is ‘Power’, as performed by the Fulton School for the Deaf. Seeing this warmed my heart to no end, and is undoubtedly a career milestone for me. In ways many people probably don’t understand, this video represents the meaning of this song in so many ways. To the performers, every one of you is so amazing.”

Anyone who has heard Jeremy’s songs on the radio or has seen him live knows that this song is really popular with festival crowd and fans of good music. I think that we sometimes forget that hearing is a gift. Jeremy also thanked Nicole Kunz (who works at Fulton) since it was her idea. She painstakingly transcribed and translated the lyrics and then taught the song to the school children. Jeremy also commented on his YouTube channel that he will do a performance with these kids. Can everyone go “Awwww” now ?

I say give that lady a Bells and a Tequila! I think it’s awesome how you empowered those kids by teaching them the words. So many fans have already added to their lives and hearts. See the video below, this cow is going to find some Kleenex, I think you should too.

What effect did this video have on you? Leave a comment and let me know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here. If this made you shed a tear or if you went “Awwwwww”, feel free to share this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Remember: Sharing is caring.

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