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Productivity in Pretoria, South Africa


Most of you reading this blog read about the proposed street name changes in Pretoria, South Africa a while ago. Well, it went through, and many of Pretoria’s street names have been officially changed. To help the public get used to the new names the Tswane Metro Council has Redlined the Old Street names on many of the street name tags and put the new street name below the old one. It’s still a waste of money if you ask me (and many loyal Pretorians will probably agree with me).

A good friend of mine pointed out the level of productivity of the Tswane Metro Council when it comes to street name change implementation and its actually shocking.

How productive would you say this is? And are you telling yourself that is probably why Tswane Metro is in debt and many regions of the city don’t get proper services. Drop me a comment and let me know what you think of Pretoria’s productivity.

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  1. Quite impressive how many ‘fruitless’ expenditures the municipality can allow while thousands of their citizens in outlying areas ie: Soshanguve, Mamelodi etc, still do not have basic sanitation…

  2. a good friend, ekse… so ‘n dont even get mentions on ze blog anymore… demotion comes with less perks. :/ LOL – love this pic though… and they ask where our money is going?


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