Professional Essay Writing Services: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know

What do you know about Professional Essay Writing Services? Don’t stress, today we’re giving you interesting facts about them.

Once support with your written assignment is needed, you know what to do: google a professional essay writing service online and get in touch with Advanced writers, for example, via a contact form.

Professional Essay Writing Services

Typically, such services work with any type of academic tasks, provide drafts, teach how to research, point out the main structural and contextual elements of the essay. It seems, we know everything about what they can or can’t! But in reality, there’s so much hidden.

10 interesting facts about Professional Essay Writing Services:

1. Professional services have well-designed websites

It’s because they have many customers and can afford to hire experienced designers to work on their website creation. The main page is not only appealing but also offers structured information that is easy to operate. The separate blocks of information have links to other important pages like Services, Price, Policies, Get in Touch, Reviews, FAQ, etc. Plus, there is a team of experts and contact information presented at the main page’s bottom.

2. They don’t have hundreds of writers…

They have thousands of them. How so? Look at the case from this point of view: a leading service helps hundreds of students daily, thousands of them monthly, millions of them yearly. To cope with numerous assignments, the expert team should be huge! This is why they always have a specialist vacant to start researching your topic. Most experts have a PhD in different areas of knowledge.

3. They write from scratch

Most students address professional writing services to have paper drafts as examples of how the work must be completed. The draft is not just well-researched. It’s written from scratch. The research material is the basis, but the structure and words are unique. As today most professors use plagiarism detectors to check the authenticity of students’ works, writing from scratch is something any student would like to pay for.

4. Numerous samples prove their qualification

It’s quite Ok for a student to ask for proof of deep knowledge and high-quality papers. Writing services always store the essays or course work they have completed. It doesn’t mean they sell them numerous times or share with online users. But if you need proof that they can cover your difficult topic, they send you an extract (2-3 pages) from a similar work that has been already completed.

5. They offer discounts

Usually, writing companies have many regular customers. If you became one, you would be offered multiple discounts and bonuses. In fact, this very strategy attracts many more new clients and makes first-comers come back whenever a new written task arrives.

6. They always meet the deadline

Structure, content, deadline — these are the Three Pillars of a quality essay. Students either have troubles with one of them or with all at once. Professional services — never. That’s why so many students address Professional Essay Writing Services at their hardest moments. A writing company ensures that the Three Pillars are there to guarantee high grades.

7. Their clients have better grades, sounder sleep, deeper knowledge

The first two things aren’t shocking: grades are really better because of the high quality of the written task, the sleep is sound because students don’t need to spend time researching and worrying. As for the third one — the knowledge is much deeper since a client grabs the entire information from the written piece, evaluates it, and remembers.

8. Over 70% of U.S. students have paid for their drafts

The numbers are high. But it’s because of the life intensity and unbelievably difficult course programs. On the one hand, a student needs to study well to get deeper knowledge, graduate timely, and find a decent job. On the other hand, he has to start working to pay for food and an apartment. Plus, he/she needs to have some free time in-between. The writing services help with that.

9. They edit too

It’s obvious that Professional Essay Writing Services re-read and proofread the assignments that they have written. But that is not what we are talking about. The thing is that once you have completed researching and writing yourself, you can order the editing service and have own essay proofread.

10. They cover roughly 150 academic tasks

Professional Essay Writing Services deal with essays, college papers, reports, reviews, and many more assignments. Whatever task you are given, they can and will complete it at their best. There’s practically nothing new for them, nothing that they haven’t faced or worked with.

But the thing is that you need to choose a reliable writing service, a professional one. Otherwise, neither of these facts will become true in your case.

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