10 Ways To Promote Your Podcast on Social Media

A podcast is a reflection of your main business; it is not only considered as content. If you have created a podcast and want to promote it on social media, you are in the right place. This article tells you 10 ways to promote your newly launched podcast on social media tools.

You need special attention while launching and marketing a podcast to reach the target audience and make them listen to it. Social media is the best place to promote your podcast in comparison to email or content marketing. You will also find it more effective. Let us see how you can do it…

Promote Your Podcast

Here are 10 Ways To Promote Your Podcast on Social Media

1. Prepare For the Launch

The first way to promote your podcast on a social media platform is to be prepared for it in every way.  This means that, on average, you should record two or three extra episodes because when you want to reach your clients, you also want them to know what will happen in upcoming episodes. It makes them interested and keeps them connected.

Also, extra episodes available right after the first launch gives people a chance to listen more.  It can also let you know if the launch of your first podcast was a success or not. If the target audience continues to listen, it means you did a great job.

2. Develop a Promotion Plan on Social Media

Today social media is part of everyone’s life because smartphones are no more considered a luxury.  People rely on social media platforms throughout the year, not only for connectivity with friends or family but also for entertainment and getting the latest news.

Podcast - Social Media Promotion

If you want to promote your podcast on social media, you should remember that the process is not hard but requires continuous efforts and patience. Also, you need to know where to start; next, create a schedule and follow it.

3. Share Updates of Each Episode

For more promotions of your podcast on social media, you should share updates on all social media account whenever you create the latest episode and upload it. Also, mention the link to the episode in your update. This not only directs the listener to reach directly to the episode and listen but also lets the users know that the channel is upgraded with the latest content.

4. Pin Latest Podcast Episode to Social Media Accounts

Pin the latest created episodes to your social media accounts. This will give your content more visibility among the audience. The pinned episode is positioned on the top of your page. It will move from here, even if you share updates on a regular basis. This strategy makes sure that a visitor to your social media account sees the newest pinned post before he leaves back.

5. Add photos and GIF’s

You can see that a social media feed is bombarded with beautiful photos, videos, or sometimes GIF’s. A survey says that people are more inclined towards ads that contain images or videos rather than simple content.

Search for GIF

Adding an image with the link to your latest episode will make sure that your update is seen by many people.  However, you are recommended to add a bold and attention gaining image that will grab traffic to your page and attract more listeners.

The choice of image is your choice.  It can be either be your photo or photo of your guest speaker or also a catchy quote from the podcast.

6. Share Multiple Times

To promote your new podcast, it is important to share it multiple times on your social media accounts.

People today are connected through the platforms of social media, and there is so much content flowing through the news feed of a social media account. Sharing your podcast multiple times throughout a day will increase the chances that your podcast will be viewed by your followers.

7. Add Stories to Your Accounts

Adding stories to market your podcast on social media accounts is another good technique. Most of the social media tools, including Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, give you the option of adding stories.  It increases visibility as it also provides the people with basically; this is the best tool you can use to provide your viewers with real-time updates.

8. Provide Little Clip to Audience

Providing little clips to the audience is another good technique used for promoting your podcast on social media. Podcaster shares a little clip of their podcast one day before the episode goes live. Podcasters share fun facts about their podcast guest and add a 15-second clip of the podcast to attract more people. Sharing a little clip will increase the anticipation of your listener for the latest episode.

Podcast - Little Clips

9. Create a Group of the Same Interest

People have usually joined various groups and communities on social media platforms to participates in discussions and also keep themselves informed. To promote your podcast faster, you can create a community based on your niche and participate in discussions and share your podcast there. For instance, if your podcast is about carpet cleaning, create a group related to the cleaning business.

10. Prefer Quality over Quantity

Remember to promote your podcast; it is not recommended to join all social media platforms at once. Join and promote it only on relevant groups and where it is more visible yet relevant. Prefer quality over quantity.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the above tricks must have helped you how to promote your podcast on the digital marketing phenomenon that is social media platforms. If you’ve created a new podcast, start promoting it on social media right from today and make your niche the most interesting place on the internet.

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