Proof that BraaiBoy is a TRUE Superhero

In case you did not know BraaiBoy is currently attempting a Guinness World Record at Supersport Park in Centurion. He has been braai-ing every single day since the 17th of April 2009. That in itself is quite legendary if you ask me.

Since yesterday morning at 9:20 AM BraaiBoy has been braai-ing non-stop. He’s attempting to braai non-stop for a total of 60 hours. The previous record for the longest continuous braai is 32 hours. A little while ago BraaiBoy reached the 27 hour mark and he’s still going strong.


You can support his Guinness World Record attempt by making an appearance at Supersport Park during today or before 12 noon tomorrow. You can follow @BraaiBoy, @BaasDeBeer or @watkykjy via Twitter for some live updates. The official hashtag for the Guinness World Record Attempt is #BraaiBoyGWR. And there are also regular updates posted on the BraaiBoy Facebook page and on the BraaiBoySA YouTube channel.

If you ask me, BraaiBoy must be some kind of Superhero. And as one of my friends (@JoeDiederichs) submitted proof on Facebook this morning that its true:

Proof that BraaiBoy is a TRUE Superhero 1

There you go, that’s enough proof for me. BraaiBoy is a legend. No doubt about that. I’m pretty sure that BraaiBoy will be the new Guinness World Record holder by tomorrow.

If you ask me BraaiBoy will probably make it to Gotham City quicker than the Batman looking individual in the photo below (if he didn’t have to braai for most of the weekend)

Proof that BraaiBoy is a TRUE Superhero 2

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