PurpleCry release Acoustic Video for “Odyssey”


A few weeks ago I conducted an interview with PurpleCry, a folk rock act from Cape Town. 2 days ago this amazing act released an Acoustic video for their song “Odyssey” and I think this is something that you really need to hear and see.

In case you did not know: Purplecry predominately performed as an acoustic act, yet over the years they have managed to hone a more progressive and fuller sound, so they’re no strangers when it comes to playing acoustic versions of their songs.

The video was filmed by a videographer called Alexis Domigues. He has a website called The Vagabond Sessions  where he has lots of videos showcasing South African artists doing stripped down performances of their songs. It’s a passion project for him.

It was filmed in Milternton by the Lagoon Beach Hotel. About 500 meters from the public beach parking there is a pier that stretches out into the sea. Purplecry had the idea to shoot a live acoustic session of their song “Odyssey” with Table Mountain in the background and they were very adamant on shooting it outside (which is always very tricky). They were lucky enough to get Lex on board with the idea. The location ties together their obsession with the ocean and their deep love for the place they call home for now, Cape Town. Check it out below:

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After watching this video I have to admit that it’s been way too long since I’ve teleported my Gauteng-based ass down to Cape Town for some sun, sea, craft beer, seafood and good vibes with expat Pretorians and that I should really make a plan to go and check out that mountain again. I think this might have the same effect on many of you who are reading this article right now, but what do I really know?

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