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A quick chat with African Beer Emporium


African Beer Emporium is one of the 30 entities who will be represented at Capital Craft 2016 on the 11th of June. This restaurant is located in Helen Joseph Street (formerly Church Street) in the Pretoria CBD and promises to have one of the most popular stands at this year’s festival.


I recently had a chat with the blokes from African Beer Emporium, this is what they had to say:

If people ask you what African Beer Emporium is all about, what do you tell them?

At it’s core African Beer Emporium is a restaurant which focuses on stocking a wide variety of African beers and selling delicious African meals. However, there is more to it than that, we also believe that ABE is the spearhead for the movement to revive the Pretoria CBD and attracting visitors to spend more time in our beautiful city centre. Finally, we also hope to play a small part in promoting Africa by showcasing it’s vibrant culture, colours and crafts.

How would you describe your brews to punters?

African Beer Emporium is not a brewery, but we aim to promote African breweries by serving as an accessible outlet to the public. Currently we stock several international African beers which many of you would have encountered in your travels across the continent. You can therefore come and taste beers like Tuskers and White Cap Lager from Kenya, 2M and Laurentina from Mozambique, Maluti Lager from Lesotho as well as a variety of locally brewed African beers.

How would you describe your love of Beer in a poem?

At first I was afraid, I was petrified, kept thinking how to keep this bitter tasting drink inside, but then I spent so many nights, conditioning my tongue, and I grew strong, now beer and I just get along! And now I’m back, in outer space, told my girl it’s just one drink but suddenly I’m off my face, I should have sticked to paying cash instead of giving them my key, will you excuse me for one second ’cause I really have to pee, Oh no!

(Insert instrumental part with drunken dancing on the table)

What can punters expect at your stand at Capital Craft 2016?

They can expect a warm summer holiday in a can, with delicious food.

I’d like to thank the blokes from African Beer Emporium for this interview and encourage you all to check out their stand at Capital Craft on the 11th of June. Tickets are still available, so make sure that you get yours NOW!


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