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A quick chat with Cortina Whiplash


Cortina Whiplash have been around for quite some time and if you’ve been out and about at festivals like FORR, Oppikoppi and Park Acoustics and venues around Pretoria and Johannesburg, you’ve probably seen them live. These 3 ladies play pure rock ‘n roll music. Plain and simple. Ask anyone who’s ever seen them live and they’ll tell you that they ALWAYS blow the crowd away and almost gets them to rock the fuck out.

I’m always amped to watch them live and I was feeling all fuzzy inside when I saw that Cortina Whiplash will be performing at Brandy Fest in Benoni on the 2nd of September (an event that I don’t plan to miss out on). I had a chat to Cortina Whiplash about this upcoming event (that promises to be awesome) and a few other things, this is what they had to say:

Many people have probably asked you this before, but where does the name Cortina Whiplash come from?

We all believe that we were probably conceived in a Ford Cortina because our father’s all owned one at some point or another. Over the years we’ve come to see Cortina sightings as a good luck omen. One time in the middle of the Karoo we were all standing outside a gas station on the way back from KKnK and saw an electric blue one pull in, it had a canopy and a guy in the back with rose-tinted glasses. It felt magical, none of our cameras had battery so that made it feel like something for our eyes only.

How would you describe your love for Brandy?

If it wasn’t for brandy we would’ve probably never met and formed Cortina Whiplash. That’s how much we love brandy.

What have you ladies been up to lately?

We recently completed our 2nd album called “We Do” and launched it at The Good Luck bar with a wedding ceremony where we married each other with the honourable Thandiswa Mazwai presiding over proceedings. It was an incredible once-off event and felt really special.

What can rock fans expect from your set at Brandy Fest on the 2nd of September?

Rock fans can expect honest, ladyballs to the walls rock ‘n roll.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Cortina Whiplash for this interview. I wish them all of the best with their performance at Brandy Fest and their future musical endeavours.

If you’re not familiar with their music, crank up their song, “Country Road Killer” below:

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