A quick chat with Crimson House

Great news music fans! Cape Townian Gypsey Kings Crimson House have just released their new single entitled “Take a Chance”.

It’s a music festival love story. When two people meet in the moment they are feeling their best, when they are the best versions of themselves. They stand still in their tracks when their eyes meet, and they connect on a primal level, where they dance the night away, starting the evening as strangers, and ending with a bond for life.

A quick chat with Crimson House 3

This was the vocalists experience, where he met the love of his life, the very lady who painted the single artwork. The muse, inspired by the song she inspired, created the visual reference of what the singer was expressing through music. Crimson House have been a stable in the South African live music scene, they have become a festival favourite with their music spreading joy among all those lucky enough to present when they bring the stage and setting to life. Their genre can be called “Gypsy Jungle Music”. Their latest single shows their evolution into a whole new direction and the future looks bright for this young group of gypsy musicians. Crank it up below and you’ll hear it:

I recently spoke to Crimson House (ahead of their performances at Woodcrock 12 & Park Acoustics this coming weekend). This is what they had to say:

Where does the name “Crimson House” come from?

A Namibian sunset. (Wow I would love to see that)

What have you been up to lately?

Making people bounce. Releasing said bounce material in the near future. (Sounds bouncy and exciting).

If someone (who hasn’t seen you live or has not listened to your songs) asks you to describe your music, what do you tell them?

Gypsy Jungle Music. We make you bounce. (Awesome and yes you do – I’ve done this to your music at STRAB and a few other places).

You’ll be playing at Park Acoustics & Woodcrock this coming weekend, what can music lovers expect from your sets?

Organised Chaos. (Great. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend at Woodcrock 12).

I’d like to thank Crimson House for this short and sweet interview. If you have not seen them live yet, make sure that you do. You won’t be disappointed.

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