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A quick chat with Dan Patlansky


May 2016 saw the South African release of Dan Patlansky’s eighth studio album, entitled “Introvertigo”. The album was written over the course of two years. Patlansky immediately started writing this follow-up after 2014’s critically acclaimed album, “Dear Silence Thieves” (which was voted Best Blues Rock Album of 2014 by Blues Rock Review in the USA).

Fresh off his November 2015 UK and European tour with Joe Satriani, and recently nominated as one of Classic Rock magazine’s hotly tipped new artists of 2015, “Dear Silence Thieves” received non-stop accolades and praise. Dan Patlansky was also voted Male Artist of the Year 2015 by Blues & Soul Magazine, #4 of 10 Best Rock Guitarists In The World by Total Guitar Magazine in December 2015, as well as one of the Top 20 Blues Rock Artists by Blues Magazine. In February 2016, he received a nomination for Best International Solo Artist for the Planet Rock Radio ‘Rocks’ Awards.

According to Patlansky “Introvertigo describes a feeling I very often experience being an introvert. The concept behind the album is very much about my own insecurities. It’s about being an introvert in the music industry, my experiences in the industry and life in general. Even though the songs on the album have different topics and are not directly about being an introvert, It comes from an introvert’s point of view.”

“Introvertigo” was produced by Theo Crous and recorded at Bellville Studios in Cape Town. Patlansky used his personal life experiences as inspiration for the album to ultimately marry good songs with guitar playing. Working with Theo Crous for the second time, he describes the process as more streamlined this time around, which allowed space for a more creative environment.

I recently had a quick chat to Dan Patlansky about the album and a odds and ends. This is what he had to say:

What makes “Introvertigo” different from your previous albums?

A new perspective regarding content in song writing. A more honest approach. And finally I’m am getting close to the point of achieving a certain sound I’ve had in my head got a while now.

You recently toured Europe with Joe Satriani, how would you describe the experience? And your recent tour with King Kings?

Both were awesome!! I learnt tons from these guys. Joe and King Kings made us feel at home which made life easer for us on tour. Humbling is the best way to describe it.

If you could collaborated with a South African muso that you have not collaborated with before, who would that be and why?

Probably Marcus Wyatt. I love what he does and I think he is awesome. I play very different stuff to him but have always been a massive Jazz fan.

Which SA City is your favorite to play shows in and why?

This a tough one because every time we tour there is a different favourite city. Johannesburg has always been consistently good to me, but in the same breathe so has a lot of other cities.

I’d like to thank Dan Patlansky for this interview and I’m looking forward to cranking up “Intervertigo” loudly (just the way that Bluesy Rock needs to be listened to).

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