A quick chat with Hellcats

Hellcats are one of the acts who will be playing at the last edition of Park Acoustics for 2017 and they’re definitely one of my favourite acts on the line-up.

These two garage-rocking Joburg boytjies have come a long way since I first watched them play live at Arcade Empire in 2015. They’ve got 2 Park Acoustics, 2 Oppikoppis and 2 Mieliepops on their experience belt and it doesn’t look like they are slowing down.

A quick chat with Hellcats 5

A little bird told me that Hellcats have recorded a ton of unreleased tracks and are also thinking about releasing a full album (on vinyl nogal). These extremely cool okes like teasing their fans with a new track or two when they’re playing live shows and what I’ve heard so far has really blown me away, so I’m pretty fucking excited to hear more of their new shit.

I recently had a chat to Hellcats about Park Acoustics and some other things, this is what they had to say:

What have you guys been up to lately?

We’ve had a really eventful past couple months. We played with Springbok Nude Girls (twice), with Fokofpolisiekar for their album launch, Jack Parow and a bunch of fucking amazing acts – this is a huge deal for us: to be able to play with our heroes.

Then there was Oppikoppi (which was such a huge skop). We got to play twice on one weekend at the festival (which was a shit ton of fun). It was so rad to see the festival moving forward in such a cool direction. We also had a little break which gave us some time to write some new dirt which we are fucking excited about – it’s been rad to get back to jamming and making new music and we are pretty fucking stoked with the stuff we’re making. We have so much new material that we cant wait to unleash. With Park Acoustics coming up next week, we have a couple of Aces up our sleeves.

What would be your idea of the Ultimate Celebrity Deathmatch? And who’ll win it?

Patricia Lewis and Steve Hofmeyer. Our hopes dreams and money are on Patricia. In fact, if we don’t have this death match, let’s just feed Steve to all of his illegitimate kids after we’ve starved them for weeks in a weird Silence-of-the-Lambs-type pit.

A quick chat with Hellcats 6

What is your drink of choice before you play a show and why? 

Two beers and one tequila. It’s the perfect balance. The beer lubes you up and gets you loose and the tequila puts the devil in you, just enough. Anything more than that before the show is the danger zone for us. As for what we drink on stage – that’s a different story all together. We’re pretty sure a girl fed one of us molly water from the crowd the other day.

What can peeps expect from you at Park Acoustics on the 26th of November 2017?

We thought about toning our set down for Parks, because its a day jol and there are kids and families and stuff. But then we thought, fuck it, by playing some loud, filthy rock ‘n roll, we’ll a) enjoy ourselves a hell of a lot more (because we’re selfish bastards), and b) we’ll basically be providing a public service announcement to stay in school and live with purity so that people don’t end up day drunk playing the devil’s music on a Sunday.

Will Warwick be taking an excited poo before the show? 


I’d like to wish Hellcats all of the best with next weekend’s Park Acoustics and their future musical adventures.

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