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Hellcats recently released their second EP, A Coffin Full of Hellcats Vol. 2 and even though it only contains three brand new tracks, it’s fucking awesome. I can’t think of another way to describe it. If you are a fan of SA Rock music and you have not seen this band live or heard their music, there’s definitely a gap in your education.

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The band recently entertained crowds at Capital Craft 2016 and was confirmed for Oppikoppi 2016. They will also be playing at the Recording Studios bash at the Good Luck Bar in Johannesburg this week Saturday.

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I had a chat with Hellcats guitarist Warwick Rautenbach about this and a few other things, this is what he had to say:

You released your second EP a while ago. If someone asked you guys to describe it, what would you say?:

A whiskey and beer fueled, one take, mess of sound, made while falling off of a moving motorcycle.

You guys are playing at Recording Studios’ 5th Birthday at The Good Luck Bar in Jozi next weekend, how should the audience prepare themselves for your set?

Lube up.

You’ve been confirmed for Oppikoppi in August this year. What can music lovers expect from your set?

We’re amped for Oppikoppi, its a huge fucking milestone for us. Oppikoppi is one of those rare festivals where people travel from all around the country and a lot of people will see us for the first time. One of our favorite things to do as a band is to play to new people, it’s immensely gratifying seeing some kid in the front row with a “what the fuck is this even” look smeared across his face. As far as what people can expect, fuck knows. Every show is different for us and we just try focus on the music and having a fucking jol. If people feed off that energy, they can probably expect to have a fucking jol too, I guess.

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What is your favourite quote about music?

“Be a cult classic. Not a best seller. ” Mike Skinner

What do you think the SA Music scene is lacking at the moment and why?

I’d like to say support, but then again, We’re seeing venues pack out with more people, more regularly over the last two years. There are incredible, growing, scenes in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town happening right now with some of the best bands this country has ever seen.

Bands that are pushing the envelope. So I guess if there’s anything that’s lacking is that more people should give a fuck as much as some people give a fuck about what’s happening in our own back yard, right fucking now. It’s beautiful, really.

What are you currently working on?

We’re currently working on a weird art film/music video/not music video with friends of ours JANA&KOOS and Herman Venter from Rolling Thunder films for our track “Sunlight 1973” which should be out this month-ish.

We also have 3 new tracks to release for “A Coffin Full of Hellcats Vol.3″. Otherwise, we’re working on our attitudes. It’s not going well on the latter.

I would like to thank Warwick and Hellcats for taking time to answer my questions and I wish them all of the best with their future musical endeavors. I am extremely amped to hear the songs on their 3rd EP and I’m also looking forward to their performances at The Good Luck Bar and Oppikoppi this year.

If you haven’t cranked up their 2nd EP yet, hit the play button below:

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