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A quick chat with Michael Lesar


In case you did not know, Michael Lesar will be DJing at Park Acoustics next weekend.  He’s definitely one of my favorite South African DJ’s mostly because he just knows how to get the party started.

I recently had a chat to him about next weekend’s event and a few other things. This is what he had to say:
You’ve played at multiple editions of Park Acoustics. Any special moments that stand out from them?

Wow, way too many to mention for sure! Park Acoustics remains one of my all time favourite events to play so its quite a difficult one as each Park Acoustics is special in its own way. Off the top of my head when my band Full Swing did the closing set after Goldfsh on the main stage I think was a pretty special one but then again i also love the intimate smaller ones – eish I can answer this question for days…

What have you been up to lately?

Keeping busy been hosting a few different events around town i also launched my new 1950s inspired event ‘ Lets Twist Again ‘ with my homies at the Goodluck Bar and then also been in studio with Full Swing finishing our EP I’ve played a few international gigs in the mix as well so yeah been nice and busy with a few different projects 2016 has been a good year for sure.

What are your thoughts about the current state of the SA Music Scene in 2016?

I think we should pat ourselves on the back and say well done! The local music scene across all genres is on the rise with lots of our local bands and artists killing it internationally I’m super proud of how far we have come we can only grow from strength to strength at this point, there are so many international artists looking at us for inspiration very exciting times indeed.

What can music lovers expect from your set at Park Acoustics on the 26th of November?

I’m so excited for this one. It’s the first time I’ll be playing a closing set on the oh so lovely Grietfest stage and after the legend PHFAT – Wow! What an honour! So, I definitely have something very special coming your way.

I’d like to thank Michael Lesar for this interview and I wish him all of the best with his set at Park Acoustics and his future musical endeavors.

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