A quick chat with The Lost Souls

Creeping from the shadows in Cape Town, The Lost Souls have risen to take garage rock back to the grave. Calling up the forgotten names, the unknowns and the outcasts to show the way – they channel the spirit of ’65 to bring you a fuzzed out psychedelic freak-beat. They are the loves you never had, the smiles you always frowned and the sound you never heard.

It all started with an obsession over 60’s garage comps. To fuel this passion and to share it with the rest of Cape Town, The Lost Souls kicked off as a monthly 60’s garage revival vinyl party while writing and fronting for a previous band. The party died out (so did the band), but the name stuck and the concept lived in the new material that was being written. The Lost Souls have been morphed into existence by calling up garage rock pioneers from the 60’s as influence.

The Lost Souls


I recently had a chat to Retief from The Lost Souls about Malkop Summer Rock Festival (where they will be performing in December) and a few other things. This is what they had to say:

What is your definition of a “Malkop”?

I would see this as more of a passionate person, rather than a mad one. A person who is mad to live without expectations of the norm, who is free in their ways and who can hold their own grounds without a flinch.

Where does the name “The Lost Souls” come from?

The name is a homage to the bands from the 1960’s who were overshadowed by popular acts like The Beatles and Rolling Stones – they are the bands that started out in garages and basically formed a subculture that is known as garage rock. Most of these bands only got to record one or two songs in their lifetimes, with the best ones to be found on 60s garage comps – a huge influence on The Lost Souls’ sound and style.

The name also holds close ties to the soul mates we thought we had, the ones we lost, and the ones we’ve never met. It originates from this tragedy we know as romance.

What is the funniest thing that’s ever happened during one of your shows?

Apart from guitars flying off of straps, or one of us jumping into the crowd, I guess it hasn’t been too wild. We once played an “acoustic” set at a coffee shop in town, but rocked up with full force and played our usual energetic set – all electric, all fuzz, and all organ.

What can music lovers expect from your performance at Malkop Festival?

A glimpse into what once was. With a strong 60s influence, we create a sound of our own that can only be played loud and energetically. There is no holding back, we enjoy what we do, and the sound is what drives us.

I would like to thank the Lost Souls for this interview and I wish them all of the best with their set at Malkop Summer Rock Festival and their future musical endeavours.

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